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"You Dumped Me for Her" is a hit single by Lucy Stone. In "Big Time Scandal", Lucy has released the song on her latest CD, which is about her relationship with Kendall Knight and how he chose Jo Taylor over her.

The production cue was written by Matthew Gerrard and Scott Fellows.

In the show[]

In Big Time Scandal, Lucy is dealing with the aftermath of her breakup with Kendall. She writes the song about Kendall and it becomes a hit. This causes Kendall to get "swifted" in the process. Kendall begins to get nervous that she'll reveal that he was the person who broke up with her and ruin not only his reputation but the whole band. Logan then explains that Kendall was conflicted with his emotions and that he didn't mean to hurt her. As a result, she doesn't expose Kendall and reveals to him and the press that she talked about other people she previously dated. Kendall thanks Lucy in the end, saving not only his reputation, but the whole band. The boys and Jo get surprised that Lucy is back at The Palm Woods.

Setting the stage for Big Time Lies, Kendall and Jo are spending the day at the pool listening to music on the radio. After the radio plays Like Nobody's Around from Big Time Invasion, surprisingly, the song is played after Kendall constantly changes the stations. The song ends up showing signs to Kendall that Lucy still likes him and their relationship may be rekindled.

In Big Time Dreams, the song can be heard when Lucy was announced as the next presenter for the TCAs.


You dumped me, for her?

You dumped me for her
You gave me your word
You kissed me in an elevator
Then you said, "see you later"
How could you do that to me?


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