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"What It Feels Like" is an unreleased song recorded by Big Time Rush. The song was given to the Irish pop duo Jedward, who recorded and released it as the ninth track on their third studio album, Young Love, in 2012. Jedward's version credits Jess Cates, Martin Larsson, and Lars Halvor Jensen as having written it.[1] In the ASCAP registry, Lindy Robbins and Tommy Henriksen are instead credited in addition to Cates.[2]


On June 22, 2012, Irish pop duo Jedward released their third studio album, Young Love.[3] It includes the track "What It Feels Like," written by American songwriter Jess Cates, as well as Martin Michael Larsson and Lars Halvor Jensen, of the Danish production and songwriting team Deekay. They produced the song alongside the UK-based Dan Priddy.[4] Described as a "slower" ballad, the song incorporates keyboards and soft guitars.[5]

Another version of "What It Feels Like," recorded by Big Time Rush, was partially leaked online in 2016.[6] All four members are heard within the 30-second snippet, alongside Tim "Data" McEwan, who sings background vocals.[4] Young Love also includes the song "Young Love", similarly co-written by Cates and Jensen, and produced by Deekay; In April 2013, a BTR version of that song had also been leaked online. The unofficially-released MP3 file denoted 2011 as the year of recording in its metadata.[citation needed] The band's demos of both songs indicate they may have recorded the songs first, but later gave them to Jedward after they went unused for their own projects.


–Getting colder inside
Now I know what it feels like

Now I know what it feels like
When she’s with someone else
And you’re drowning so fast in regret
And it feels just like you’re frozen inside


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