General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Occupation(s): Rapper, singer
Series Information
First appearance: Big Time Bad Boy
Last appearance: Big Time Jobs
Portrayed By: Matt Angel

WayneWayne (born Wallace Patrick Dooley; October 23, 1990) nicknamed Wally by everyone, is a bad-tempered bad-boy who served as an antagonist in the episode Big Time Bad Boy when Griffin decided the band needed a bad boy and added Wayne Wayne to fill that role. Wayne Wayne has met Camille before. It was revealed by Camille that he wasn't actually a bad boy after all, and he was once a nerdy character in a comedy TV show, Magic Middle School. Fed up with his bad attitude, the boys got him kicked out of the band when Kendall defeated him in the "bad-boy-off". He then ended up in a children's TV show called the Ziggle Zaggles singing about bananas. He is 21 years old. He is a parody of the rapper, Eminem with his a serious look on his face. Wayne Wayne had made a contract with Griffin to be in the band, but the boys broke it.

He is portrayed by Matt Angel, who starred in the Victorious episode "Cat's New Boyfriend" as Daniel, Tori and Cat's ex-boyfriend. Currently he is in the band, Ziggle Zaggles. He only appeared in two episode.


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