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"Waves" is a song by Big Time Rush. It was released as the lead single from their fourth studio album Another Life on May 3, 2023, through BMG.[1] The song was written by Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson alongside Tyler Shamy and Will Ventres, the latter of whom produced the track. The band described it as a "nostalgic" track about "taking chances and doing what you want to do," that sonically draws influence from the "early 2000s" boy band era.[2][3]


The initial concept for "Waves" started with an impromptu idea by Henderson.[4] He unexpectedly thought of a vocal melody "late at night", which he rushed to capture using a voice memo on his phone.[5][3] The next day, Henderson showed his scratch recording to Schmidt, and the pair headed to meet friends Tyler Shamy and Will Ventres at Ventres' studio.[4][6] When they brought their initial demo track to the next BTR writing camp in January, Henderson said the band took an immediate liking, and it was here they crafted it into the "powerhouse tune" it ultimately became.[2][7][6] The group described the track as having a "Y2K feel" which calls back to the boy bands of early 2000s, and called it a "great illustration of how sometimes the smallest ideas can make the biggest waves."[6][3]

BTR first announced the single on April 4,[8], revealing the title on April 7.[9] James Maslow said "Waves" was a near-instant "front-runner" for a leading single, citing both the concept and tempo as well-suited.[2] The band kicked off promotion on April 24, posting a series of teaser videos via their social media platforms, leading up to the song's May 3 release date.[10][11][12] The release was accompanied by a music video, which premiered live on the band's YouTube channel at 12:00 PM EST.[13] The premiere was followed by a live "afterparty" event on YouTube Premium, where the band members answered questions and spoke about the song.[5]

Music video[]


The initial teaser image, posted to the band's Twitter profile.

The band filmed a music video for "Waves" at Media Pollution Studios, from March 31-April 1, 2023.[13][14][15][16]. The video was directed by Jade Ehlers, who several of the members had worked with previously, and produced by Dustin Heveron.[13][2] It depicts a woman reaching into a set of static televisions, which she is then transported into. The remainder of the video shows the "in-universe" screen, in which BTR sing and dance amidst colorful backgrounds and fish lens camera shots. Discussing inspiration, the band wanted to make "something cinematic, very colorful, and something big,"[6] adding that Ehler's direction helped add the "hint of old-school boy band flair" they desired.[2]

On May 11, 2023, the band uploaded a behind-the-scenes video to their YouTube channel.[17]


Credits adapted from YouTube Music.[18]

  • Written by: Will Ventres, Tyler Shamy, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson
  • Produced by: Will Ventres
  • Vocals by: Big Time Rush
  • Mixed by: Nathan Phillips
  • Sound engineering by: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound

Schmidt also played the drums on the track.[5]


Lyrics adapted from the band's YouTube channel.[13]

Stunned at the sight of ya
Can I confide in ya?
I'm tempted to fall in love
Come on baby, light it up
I can provide for ya
Push the rest to the side for ya
Switch up my life for ya
Come on, baby sign me up
We don't have to complicate
The night or hesitate
Can't fight what's right in front of us, yeah

Let's sink in
I know what you been thinkin'
This is more than a feeling
I see that look in your eyes, eyes
Drift in
You got what I been missin'
20/21 vision
I see myself in your eyes, eyes
Let's make waves

It's about time
Can you feel the vibrations
We can talk it out on vacation
Cut the distractions
Words into actions
You're my new passion, yeah
We don't have to complicate
The night or hesitate
Can't fight what's right in front of us, yeah


All about, all about, all about us
Give me that, give me that, give me that rush
Never ah, never ah, never enough
Never enough
All about, all about, all about us
Give me that, give me that, give me that rush
Never ah, never ah, never enough
Never enough




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