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Titanium - Unarmed (Official Music Video)

Titanium's music video for their version of "Unarmed".

"Unarmed" is a song written by Toby Gad, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, and Carlos PenaVega. It was written and recorded for Big Time Rush's third studio album, 24/seven, but was ultimately scrapped. The song was later offered to the New Zealand pop boy band Titanium, who recorded and released their own version of the track on their debut studio album, All for You 2.0, on October 4, 2013.

Background and composition[]

Schmidt, Henderson, and PenaVega wrote "Unarmed" with German songwriter Toby Gad, with whom they had worked with during the production of their second album, Elevate.[1] The three band members met with Gad for a writing session in December 2012.[2]

According to Schmidt, BTR's version of the song was scrapped because it was "older-sounding" and "didn't fit" the overall direction for the album.[3]


Swords, shields, knives
Can't protect me from your love
Bows and arrows, bullseye
And armies lining up
To fight the feelings that have crawled under my skin
'Cause all I've known is not to let anybody in

You've got me unarmed (yeah, yeah)
You've got me unarmed
How'd you get inside my heart?
Never thought I'd do this, give into my weakness
Falling like a house of cards
Now I'm going sleepless, spilling all my secrets
How could it be that you've got me unarmed?
You've got me unarmed
You've got me unarmed
You've got me unarmed
You've got me unarmed
You've got me unarmed
Come on, baby

No fortress, towers, bridges
Can keep me from your love
Hours, minutes, seconds
Forever's not enough
Everything inside my head I'm holding back
'Cause it's taken me this long to finally admit


Standing here defenseless, girl, you got me speechless
Never thought I'd feel this, breaking into pieces
Now I'm feeling breathless, losing all my senses
Falling like a house of cards
But you've got me unarmed
You've got me unarmed
How'd you get inside my heart?


You know you've got me unarmed, woah
'Cause you've got me baby
Unarmed, baby
You've got me unarmed, woah


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