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Tyler Duncan
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Address: The Palm Woods
Family & Friends
Family: Mrs. Duncan (Mother)
Friends: Carlos Garcia, Katie Knight, Kendall Knight, Logan Mitchell and James Diamond
Series Information
First appearance: Big Time Audition
Last appearance: Big Time Pranks II
Portrayed By: Tucker Albrizzi

Tyler Duncan is a red-haired slightly chubby boy who goes to the Palm Woods School with Katie and the boys. He is friends with them. His mother is obsessed with his acting career, yet with the help of Katie and the boys, he is able to hide from her and avoid auditions because he doesn't want to be an actor he wants to be a normal kid. However, because of his mom, he stars in various Juice Box commercials. He has froggy slippers that were stolen along with Carlos's helmet, Mr. Bitter's bologna, and Buddha Bob's music box. In the episode Big Time Sparks, James tried dressing him as a leprechaun to get rid of his bad luck. He appeared in Big Time Dance with a non-speaking role he appears in Big Time Pranks II as one of the children who face off against a kids vs. adults prank war.


Big Time Audition Tyler's first appearance on the show was in Big Time Audition. He introduced Camille to the guys while hiding in a trash can. Then he tells them that he doesn't want to be an actor and just wants to be a kid. Right then his mom shouts "Tyler!' so Tyler tells Big Time Rush to hide him. Big Time Rush lies to her and she goes off in the wrong direction. He introduces Camille Guitar Dude Lightning and The Jennifers. Tyler always has a fan whenever the Jennifers walk by him.

Big Time Pranks

He competed in the day of pranks and got covered with different pies.

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