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"Tip of Your Tongue" is an unreleased demo recorded by Kendall Schmidt, for Big Time Rush. Schmidt co-wrote the song with Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley, during sessions for the group's third album, 24/seven.[1][2] However, the song was not fully recorded by the band and remains unreleased.[3]

Background and composition[]

Big Time Rush wrote at least 50 songs, between the four of them, in preparation for 24/seven.[4] Among the songwriters they worked with were Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley, who, according to Carlos PenaVega, were typically known for their "country" style of songwriting, but to the band's surprise, ended up contributing the most tracks on the final album.[5] They worked with them around November–December 2012, with Schmidt tweeting about a solo session on December 11.[2]

In a September 2013 interview with Pblcty, Schmidt brought up the scrapped song while discussing his songwriting process.[3] Speaking on his inspiration for writing lyrics, he described feeling motivated to write about unique concepts, explaining "wouldn’t it be nice if people thought about this kind of stuff, and then write it, and you know?”. He gave an example of a demo he recorded called "Tip of Your Tongue", which he had written about "a girl who was trying to tell you something and just... isn't saying it, and you're basically saying, I'll catch you if you fall. Just say whatever you want to say."[3]

While not directly named, Big Time Rush played a snippet of the song during an April 2022 TikTok live, in which they played older songs that were "from the archives" and never released.[6] Only Schmidt's lead vocals are heard.


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