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"Til I Forget About You" is a song by Big Time Rush from their first studio album, BTR. The song was written by Claude Kelly, Sam Hollander, and Dave Katz, with production handled by the latter two. "Til I Forget About You" was released on September 21, 2010, as the lead single from the album.


"Til I Forget About You" was written by Claude Kelly, as well as Sam "S*A*M" Hollander and Dave "Sluggo" Katz, who produced the track. The band recorded their vocals at Fresh Kills Studio in New York, NY, while on tour in June 2010.[3][4] Nickelodeon uploaded the full song for preview to their website on September 13, 2010.[citation needed] It was digitally released as the lead single from BTR on September 21, 2010. A physical CD single, containing the B-side "Famous", was issued in the United States on September 28, 2010, exclusively at Walmart stores.

Music video

A music video was filmed in the span of one day on September 12, 2010. The band's team rented a mansion for filming.[5][6] On September 24, the band uploaded a behind-the-scenes preview titled "Making of Til I Forget About You" to the website Buzznet.[7] The making-of special was directed by Ryan McNeill.[8] The music video itself, directed by Isaac Rentz,[9] premiered on Nickelodeon on October 1, 2010, after the Big Time Rush episode "Big Time Fans".[10]

Live performances

On July 20, BTR filmed a live performance of "Til I Forget About You" on New York Street outside Paramount Studios, in front of a limited audience.[11] The footage was used for a concert scene in Big Time Rush. The band officially debuted the song on August 28, at 98.5's "End of Summer Block Party" event in Las Vegas, NV.[12] On September 9, they peformed it again at J-14's 'In Tune' concert event at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square, NYC.[13][14] The song was prominently featured in the second season premiere of Big Time Rush, "Welcome Back, Big Time", aired September 25, 2010. In the episode, BTR perform the song at the fictional "Rocktober Fest" event. Thematically, the song relates to Kendall's and Jo's relationship. It was later featured again in the episode "Big Time Live", in which BTR perform on a news show.

BTR gave a performance of "Til I Forget About You" on October 11 in Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, during an appearance on the Today Show, in promotion of BTR.[15] They later performed it as part of the 2010 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on November 25.[16]

Track listing

  • Digital download
  1. "Til I Forget About You" — 3:58
  • US CD single
  1. "Til I Forget About You" — 3:58
  2. "Famous" — 3:06
  • UK CD promo single
  1. "Til I Forget About You (Original Version — Radio Edit)"
  2. "Til I Forget About You (Young Boyz Remix — Radio Edit)"
  3. "Til I Forget About You (Cash Cash Remix — Radio Edit)"
  4. "Til I Forget About You (Halatrax Remix — Radio Edit)"

Credits and personnel

Credits adapted from the liner notes of BTR.[2]

  • Written by: Claude Kelly, Sam Hollander, Dave Katz
  • Produced by: S*A*M and Sluggo
  • Co-produced by: Chad Royce and Scott Mann
  • Mixed by: Serban Ghenea
  • Engineer for Mix: John Hanes, Assisted by Tim Roberts
  • Guitar: Dave Katz
  • Programming: Sam Hollander, Dave Katz, Scott Mann
  • Engineer: Sean Gould, Chad Royce, Scott Mann
  • Recorded at Fresh Kills, New York, NY and Right Hook Productions, New York, NY
  • Mixed at Mixstar Studios, Virginia Beach, VA

Chart history

Chart (2010) Peak
US Bubbling Hot 100 Singles (Billboard)[17] 11

Release history

Release dates for "Til I Forget About You"
Country / region Date Format Label Notes Ref.
United States September 21, 2010 Digital download Nickelodeon, Columbia Exclusively available on iTunes [1]
September 28, 2010 CD Exclusively available at Walmart stores [2]
Europe January 7, 2011 Digital download [3]



Lyrics adapted from the liner notes of BTR.[2]

Get a call on a random afternoon
I pick it up and I see that it’s you
Like my heart, you were breaking the news
You say
It’s over it’s over it’s over
Heading out 'cause, I'm outta my mind
All my friends are gonna see me tonight
Staying here 'til the sun starts to rise
And I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna

Dance hard, laugh more, turn the music up now
Party like a rock star, can I get a what now?
I swear I'll do anything that I have to
'Til I forget about —
Jump up, fall down, gotta play it loud now
Don't care my head's spinning all around now
I swear I'll do anything that I have to
'Til I forget about you
'Til I forget about you

I bet you thought I'd be here on my own
Waiting for you to knock on my door
Since you left I don't wait by the phone
I'm movin' I'm movin' I'm movin'
I found a place where I can lose myself
And just leave your memory on the shelf
See I'm fine, no I don't need no one else
'Cause I'm goin' I'm goin' I'm goin'


Spending money like it don't mean a thing
I'm going crazy now - Don't even think
Losing my mind is all I can do
'Til I forget about you



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