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"This Is Our Someday" is a song written by Matthew Gerrard, Jay Landers, and Robbie Nevil and performed by Big Time Rush. The song was included as a bonus track exclusively for listeners who pre-ordered the band's first studio album, BTR, on iTunes. It was later included on the 2011 international release of the album, as well as on the 2016 Ultimate Fan Edition box set. It is now added on the US version of the album.

In the show, "This Is Our Someday" was first heard in the episode "Big Time Jobs", when Gustavo has first started writing it. It is also played in the episode "Big Time Guru" and performed in concert by BTR in the episode "Big Time Concert". The instrumental of the song is often used as a score throughout the show.

In the Show[]

In the unaired pilot of Big Time Rush, the band performs "This Is Our Someday" for Griffin at the end of the episode, unlike in the final "Big Time Audition" where the Theme Song takes it place.

The first time the song is played is in the episode Big Time Demos. Kendall puts Mercedes Griffin, the daughter of CEO Arthur Griffin, in her place by informing her that they would all rather go back to Minnesota than spend one more second being treated like her boyfriend; this gets her so upset she destroys BTR's demo and stomps it onto the ground, causing the boys, Gustavo and Kelly to get upset, this then segues into a boombox playing the series' theme song.

In Big Time Jobs, Gustavo is singing the song, which he plays as a slower ballad on the piano in a different key, while Carlos was helping him by doing odd jobs such as sharpening his dull pencils in order to pay him back his $2,000.50 for valuable stuff they had destroyed around the Palm Woods and Rocqué Records.

In Big Time Concert, Gustavo informs Big Time Rush that they are performing for their first concert. After constant obstacles like wearing dog cones and getting injured by the fans, they begin to show improvement and they perform the song during their concert simulator, which becomes successful.

In Welcome Back Big Time, the instrumental is heard when Logan is tired of doing all the work and makes Kendall, James and Carlos add the finishing touches to their projects.

In Big Time Guru, Logan improves himself in order to record a song they are singing for Jo's TV show New Town High. He takes Gustavo's advice and ends up having more swag than James. The song is played when the other residents join him to celebrate his new personality.

In Big Time Rocker, the instrumental is played when Kendall is trying to prove Lucy wrong about BTR's music.

During Big Time Single, the instrumental is played when Gustavo begins to write BTR's new summer single. It's also played when Kendall encourages James and Carlos to get over their heartbreaks and get them ready to sing If I Ruled the World.

In Big Time Decision, the instrumental is also heard when Kendall finally steps up and starts to make his decision between Jo and Lucy.

The instrumental is also heard in Big Time Lies where James and Carlos are soda bowling at Rocque Records in order for James to win Lucy.

During Big Time Cameo, the instrumental is played when the boys are about to expose Dara's stepmother for constantly treating her bad.

In the episode Big Time Break Out, Kendall revealed to Gustavo where they defeated Griffin in order to stay in LA.

Credits and personnel[]

Credits transcribed from the liner notes of BTR.[1]

  • (Composed by) Matthew Gerrard, Jay Landers, Robbie Nevil
  • © 2010 M Gerrard Music (ASCAP) / Halaron Music (ASCAP) / Z Style Music (ASCAP) Administered by Sony/ATV Publishing
  • Produced by Matthew Gerrard
  • Arranged by Matthew Gerrard
  • Engineered by Travis Ference
  • Mixed by Matthew Gerrard, Travis Ference, Hanson Hsu
  • Keyboards: Matthew Gerrard
  • Guitar: Matthew Gerrard
  • Bass: Matthew Gerrard
  • Programmer: Matthew Gerrard



Oh, oh, oh-oh oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh oh (hey yeah)
Oh, oh, oh-oh oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh oh

When every day feels like the other
And everywhere looks just the same
When every dream seems like forever
And you're a face without a name
Baby, now is our best chance
To finally get it right
'Cause if the world is an apple
Then it's time to take a bite

Someday it'll come together
Someday we will work it out
I know we can turn it up all the way
'Cause this is our someday
'Cause what we're making
Is right here and now
Why wait, why wait, why wait
'Cause this is our someday

Oh, oh, oh-oh oh (oh!)
Oh, oh, oh-oh oh (yeah, yeah)
Oh, oh, oh-oh oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh oh oh oh

We've all had times, times we wonder
Will the spotlight shine on me
I can't let the waves go and pull us under
I'll miss the opportunity
Don't look down or look back
It's not that far to go
'Cause if we never try
Then we will never really know


Oh no, I don't have all the answers
But there is one thing I know for sure, yeah
One is good, but four is better
It took some time to get here
But it's better late than never

Chorus 2x





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