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The Supertastic Super 6 is a group created by James Diamond's alter ego Bandana Man in Big Time Superheroes. The group was created in an effort to defeat George Hawk now that he became a supervillain after being released from prison & stole their album which Hawk plans to release as his own.

The guys at first were against the plan, but in the end they did it and defeated Hawk who was sent back to prison. The cops plan to call BTR when their trouble was too big to handle (saving a cat from a tree).


  1. Bandana Man (James Diamond)
  2. Slapshot (Kendall Knight)
  3. El Hombre Del Flaming Space Rock Man (Carlos Garcia)
  4. The Surgeon (Logan Mitchell)
  5. Super Gustavo (Gustavo Rocque)
  6. Bowlhead (Kelly Wainwright)


  • While Kendall and Logan didn't create their alter ego until Big Time Superheroes. In Big Time Concert when Carlos arrives as his alter ego to Kendall's house, the clothes that Logan and Kendall are wearing were used as part of their superhero clothes in future episodes.