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The Beetle
Vital statistics
Type A mechanically beetle-shaped device
Effects Anti-gravity
Source Big Time Movie
Cost to buy Cannot be bought
Cost to sell Cannot be sold

The Beetle is a mechanically beetle-shaped device with a power source that can defy gravity. Atticus Moon created it to begin a revolution to rule the world, but it fell into the hands of MI6 agent, Simon Lane, who swapped the backpack containing it with Kendall Knight's at the airport.

The Beetle has a bottom that by pressing it, it's activated the device's power to defy gravity. Also by pressing the same bottom the Beetle close and the power disappear. Kendall Knight reveal that you can close and/or open it slow making it easy to get down to the ground without getting hurt.

Sir Atticus Moon created the Beetle to amplified it's power with a laser to move the moon. By moving the moon out of its orbit, natural disaster will appear on the Earth and the people will have to surrender.

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