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"The Audition" is an unaired television pilot for the Nickelodeon musical comedy series Brand New Day, which was later re-titled and reworked into Big Time Rush.[1][2] The plot of the pilot is similar to that of the official first episode of Big Time Rush, "Big Time Audition", there are some differences between the two productions, most notably the alternate band lineup of Logan Henderson, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega, and Curt Hansen, the latter of whom was later replaced by Kendall Schmidt.

The pilot was never aired, with the only publicly available footage being several clips that were unofficially leaked on the Internet in 2011.

Differences from "Big Time Audition"[]


The pilot for Brand New Day was filmed in November 2008 in Los Angeles, California.[3][4] It was produced by creator Scott Fellows in collaboration with Nickelodeon and Sony Music, as well as the Los Angeles entertainment company Rocart, Inc.[4][5]

Known credits[]



  • Director Of Photography: Carlos Gonzalez[4]
  • Casting: Tara-Anne Johnson, Christine Scowley[6]
  • Online Editor: Jeff Wright[3]
  • Assistant Props: Diana Richardson[5]



  • A song named "Brand New Day", performed by Isabela Moner, is the theme song of 100 Things to Do Before High School, a Nickelodeon television series that was also created by Scott Fellows and aired in 2015. Fellows wrote the song with Andreas Carlsson and Desmond Child, who worked on early music for Big Time Rush, including the song "Famous".


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