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"Superstitious" is a song by Big Time Rush, from their fourth studio album, Another Life.[2] It was released on June 2, 2023, and is the ninth track on the album.

Before release, Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson previewed the song during a Stationhead livestream.[citation needed] It was also previewed during the third episode of The Forever Tapes, on the band's YouTube channel.[3]


Credits adapted from Tidal.[1]

  • Produced by: Will Ventres
  • Composed by: Will Ventres, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos PenaVega, Logan Henderson, Homero Gallerdo
  • Engineered by: Randy Merrill
  • Guitar: Homero Gallerdo
  • Mixed by: Nathan Phillips
  • Programming by: Will Ventres
  • Vocals: Carlos PenaVega, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson



Lyrics adapted from the band's YouTube channel.[4]

I'm defenseless at your fingertips
You’re writing a script for two
And it's reckless, but I can't resist
You're pulling me into you
Now you're under my skin
I'm never letting you go
Got me drowning in this mattress alone

I ain't superstitious
But you're throwin' down the magic on me
Genie in a bottle
Got me wishing that it's meant to be
We can run away for the hell of it
My name on your lips is adrenaline, can't breathe
I ain't superstitious
But I love it when you make me believe
(Baby, work your magic on me)

Trying not to overthink it, yeah
Never mind, no escaping it
Dreamin' while I’m wide awake
Invadin' my brain, yeah
Fighting you for control of me (I can't fight it)
Your body painted on the back of my eyelids
You're the one I want to see in my bed tonight, yeah


Now you're under my skin
Never letting you go
What a beautiful dream
Never wake me up
Swear I'll believe anything if it'll get you close
No more drowning in this mattress alone, no, no



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