Pickles (aka Super-Parrot---voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a talking parrot owned by a fortune teller. He appeared in Big Time Guru and repeated his owner's predictions to Carlos multiple times. Carlos dubbed him "Super-Parrot" because every single utterance of the bird never disappointed.

Carlos was about to go on a date that Super-Parrot had given him but just before he left Super-Parrot told him that he had 24 hours left to live.

Eventually Super-Parrot's owner who turned out to be a fortune teller revealed that her parrot's real name was actually "Pickles" and explained to Carlos and Katie that her parrot isn't actually psychic and that he just merely likes to mimic what she herself says to her clients---she also explains that Pickles likes to watch hospital dramas and that he also likes mimicking what the people on the hospital dramas say.

Carlos learning this was happy that he wasn't going to die and thanked Katie the fortune teller and Pickles.


Super-Parrot and the fortune teller.

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