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Pickles (aka Super-Parrot---voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a talking parrot owned by a fortune teller. He appeared in Big Time Guru and repeated his owner's predictions to Carlos multiple times. Carlos dubbed him "Super-Parrot" because every single utterance of the bird never disappointed.

Carlos was about to go on a date that Super-Parrot had given him but just before he left Super-Parrot told him that he had 24 hours left to live.

Super-Parrot's owner, who turns out to be a fortune teller, eventually came to claim him and revealed some stuff to Carlos and Katie:

  • Her parrot's real name is actually "Pickles."
  • He's not really psychic and just likes mimicking what she herself says to her clients.
  • Pickles likes watching hospital dramas and will also mimic what the characters on those shows say (hence the "24-hours" thing he had said to Carlos).

Carlos was very happy upon learning that he'd be okay and thanked the girls and Pickles.


Super-Parrot and the fortune teller.

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