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"Suave" (English: Gentle) is a single by Big Time Rush, featuring Maffio and Calacote. It was released on August 16, 2023.[3] Described as a "tango", the song was produced by Maffio, and features guitar played by Homero Gallardo.[2][1]


"Suavè" was one of four songs recorded for an untitled Spanglish EP project in April 2022, at Rebel 11 Studios in Doral, FL.[2] The band have teased snippets in the The Miami Tapes, as well as social media posts.[4]

On July 29, 2023, during a performance in Charleston, South Carolina for the Can't Get Enough Tour, BTR announced the song would be releasing on August 16.[3]

Credits and personnel[]

Credits adapted from YouTube Music.[5]

  • Vocals by: Big Time Rush
  • Written by: Carlos Ariel Peralta, Gabriel Edgar Gonzalez-Perez, Homero Gallardo, Allen Newton, Carlos PenaVega, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson
  • Produced by: Maffio, Adam Korbesmeyer
  • Mixed by: Nathan Phillips
  • Sound engineered by: Randy Merrill
  • Guitar: Homero Gallerdo


Lyrics adapted from Big Time Rush's official YouTube channel.[6]

Lookin like J-Lo (como J-Lo)
Cuando bailas, todo el mundo te tiene que mirar
How can I say no? (¿Por qué no?)
Si te pegas a mi cuerpo, me pones a sudar
You got me saying la la la la la
And I ain't leavin na na na na na

Me tiene loco (ah ah ah ah)
Me tiene Loco
Ah ah ah ah
Me tiene loco (ah ah ah ah)
Me tiene Loco (ah ah ah ah)

Suave, suave
Ay que rico sabe
Suave, suave
Así como tú sabe

Pila ‘e swing y pila ‘e saoco
Tiene esa mujer que a mí me tiene loco
Una fila de coras rotos, y unos labios sabor a coco
Uñas negras, vestido rojo
En la cartera una foto
De hace poco, cuando hacíamos coro
Con los vecinos de nosotros

She got a big personality
And a crazy mentality
I got a big curiosity
Cause she kills me, fatality

Insanity en la cama, se oyen los gritos hasta en Alabama
Un vaso ‘e tequila, un shot de Buchanan’s
Prende la bocina, también la pámpara


Flames on the floor
(Fire fire)
Siento el calor
(Higher higher)
Looking at me, claro que sí
Yo estoy pa ti, y tu pa mí
And I want it all

No pare sigue
(Sigue sigue)
no I don’t want it I need it
(Que lo que)
No pare Sigue
(Sigue sigue)
No I dont want it I need it


You got me you already know
Así e’ que me pone loco
You got me you already know
Así e’ que me pone loco
You already know

Yeah, este e’ un tema pa’ todas las
mamichulas locas
(You already know)
¿que es lo que dicen?



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