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Logan Henderson's Life Soundtrack

A Popstar Magazine interview in which Logan mentions "So What".

"So What" is an unreleased song that was recorded for Big Time Rush's first album, BTR. Logan Henderson spoke about the song during a 2010 interview with Popstar Magazine, saying he had recorded it by himself and that it was about "having fun and going with the flow of things."[1] It ultimately did not make the final tracklist for BTR and remains unreleased by the band. The songwriters and producers behind the track are unknown.

An unfinished demo of the song was unofficially released online in 2021. Henderson sings lead vocals throughout the entire demo with exception of the bridge, where an unknown singer's temporary vocals are still present. Additionally, James Maslow provides backup vocals in the song's chorus, and Carlos PenaVega can be heard speaking at the end of the track.


When you feel like givin' up when life gets rough
And you wanna have it all, can’t get enough
At the end of your rope and it’s too tough
Put your hands in the air, let it go and say
Lookin' all my life for something real
I’ve been scared and afraid of what to feel
But no matter what they say, no big deal
‘Cause I is what I am and I ain’t what I’m not, so what?

Sometimes I wish the sun was shining
On days when I feel like crying
I’m down on my knees and praying
God, won’t you help?
Give me your sun, I need it
My heart says go 'head and feel
It’s okay, it’s only a season
I’m thinking, what should I do?
I know everything happens for a reason, yeah

Well, what do you do when things get crazy
And your head is spinning 'round?
When there’s nothing you can do, throw your hands up
Give it up and let it out
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh, oh-oh
Oh-oh, oh-whoa


Running but I ain’t going nowhere
Chasing a dream I know that I'll be free in
But do see you
When there’s nothing but stop signs in the yellow brick road
Perfect's on the cover of a magazine
Beauty's all running inside of me
Love is all you need
It’s not far away as you think, no



So what, so what, yeah
You know what I’m talkin’ about
Yeah, haha, some vitamins for y'all (so what)
So what if life, if life has got you down?
Feelin' the weight of the world, a million pounds
Sooner or later, situations oughta turn around
Gots to pick yourself up, up off the ground now
Whatever you go through, it’ll make you stronger
I’ll keep on pushing, pushing you further
To the mountaintop, yo, never never stop, no
Now put your hands up and say so what, so what (oh whoa)


So what, so what, so what, so what now (x6)


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