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"Snore in the Dark" is a song that Kendall Knight and James Diamond make up in an attempt to convince Gustavo Rocqué to leave their apartment, in the episode "Big Time Terror". After they sing the lyrics to him, they explain how terrible the song is, and that Gustavo should leave, go back to his studio, and write a better one. Instead, Gustavo says they should go with their song, and goes back to playing video games. Later, Gustavo screams the lyrics in his sleep, much to the annoyance of the Knight residence.

"Snore in the Dark" is a parody of "A Shot in the Dark", which Big Time Rush performs later in the episode.


Please don't stay another moment
We don't want to hear more words spoken
Walk out through the door, oh look, IT'S OPEN!
And you snore in the dark and it's freaking us out