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"Show Me" is the second song on Big Time Rush's second studio album, Elevate. It was written by Lucas Secon, Wayne Hector, and Don McLean.


"Show Me" was originally recorded by American actress and singer Keke Palmer. It was intended to be the lead single for her self-titled sophomore album,[1][2] planned for release via Interscope Records.[3] Palmer recorded the song with producer Lucas Secon in June 2011.[4][5] Initially teasing a release between late 2011 and spring 2012,[6][2] the singer also confirmed plans for an accompanying music video.[7] She described "Show Me" as a "little flirty song" with "a pop and R&B feel," saying it represented "definitely the older me."[6] Lyrically, she explained how the song "can be seen in different types of ways."

"It’s like, show me the kind of guy that I should be with. Show me what you got. Prove to me that you’re the type of guy. And then it also could be like let me show you."

– Keke Palmer[6]

While Palmer's single leaked onto the Internet in September 2011,[8] the album was ultimately shelved,[9] and the song never officially released. In 2016, Palmer uploaded the unreleased album herself via Soundcloud, though "Show Me" was not included.[10]

According to Carlos PenaVega, it took them a long time to convince writer and producer Lucas Secon to let them cut "Show Me", which he had originally showed them about "a year and a half" before the release of Elevate.[11] He and Logan Henderson were particularly interested in recording the track, with Henderson saying that, upon his first time hearing the track, he knew that "this song has to be on the album to make this album complete," additionally recalling thinking "it will complete the story if we have this song."[11] Kendall Schmidt and James Maslow each said that they were "kind of on the ropes" about the track at first, but once they entered the studio and recorded their own vocals, all four members were "100% on board."[11]

In its inclusion on Elevate's track listing, Schmidt described the song as bringing "a level of maturity" as well as "maybe a little... sexiness?"[11]

Live performances[]

"Show Me" was performed on both the Better with U Tour and Big Time Summer Tour, as well as in the 2021 Big Time Rush Live shows. According to Carlos PenaVega, "Show Me" was the only song on the 2021 setlist that they were unable to obtain the original stems for, so they were forced to re-record a new version to use as a backing track. However, they have said that they completely re-recorded the song, and have teased an eventual release of their new, re-imagined version.[citation needed]

Credits and personnel[]

Credits transcribed from the liner notes of Elevate.[12]

  • Written by Daniel Wayne Hector, Lucas Secon, and Donald McLean
  • Produced and Arranged by Lucas Secon for Mux Music Ltd.
  • Vocal Production by Chris Rojas (RMI)
  • Engineered by Chris Rojas, Lucas Secon, and Pete Hoffman
  • Mixed by Pete Hoffman for, and Lucas Secon
  • Keyboards and Guitar: Don E
  • Additional Guitar and Electric Bass: Mintman


Lyrics adapted from Elevate liner notes.[12]

Guys like me, like girls like you
And girls like you, like guys like me

I blaze the night in Harbor lights
You're dressin' light, it's fittin' right
I hear the waves, I see you wave
I'm stayin' put, you say "no way"
The track begins, you pull me in
I touch your skin, you're tremblin'
It's in your eyes, you're here to win
So let the game, game begin
I -I -I -I wanna see
You-you-you-you telling me
That, that you got what I need
Do pretty girl, don't speak

Baby show me, by the way you hold me
Way that you control me
Speed me up or slow me
Oh, when I'm lonely
Full of stormy weather
Can you make it better
I heard what you told me
So, oh oh show me

Know what you want my number for?
Ain't talked enough, let's talk some more
You kinda cute don't hit the mute
Just aim and shoot or get the boot
I -I -I -I wanna see
You-you-you-you telling me
That, that, that you got what I need
Do pretty girl, don't speak


Guys like me, like girls like you
And girls like you, like guys like me
Guys like me, like girls like you
And girls like you, like guys like me


Guys like me, like girls like you
And girls like you, like guys like me
Guys like me, like girls like you
And girls like you, like guys like me
So Show Me


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