Sasha (Chelsea Ricketts) is a character that appeared in Big Time Girlfriends. She was hired by Gustavo Rocqué to pretend to be in love with Carlos Garcia so she can break his heart so he can perform better on the break-up song. She meets Carlos by bumping into him at the Palm Woods Park while playing roller hockey and eating a corn dog. They spend some time together and then go to Rocqué Records. Sasha almost revealed her true identity, but Gustavo told Carlos to get some fruit water for her because she was thirsty. Gustavo then tells her to be the worst girlfriend so Carlos could break up with her. She pretends to be angry and demands to go shoe shopping, cries for no reason, hates his guy friends, and tries to be disgusting, but Carlos still really loves her. At the Palm Woods, after Gustavo told what was going on, Sasha told Carlos that even when she was acting awful, he was sweet, so they get back together. At the end of the episode, Sasha reveals that she hates corn dogs, causing Carlos to break up with her.

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