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"Right Now" is an unreleased song that was recorded by Big Time Rush. A 30-second snippet of the track was shared by Carlos PenaVega in a social media video, over clips of his then-pregnant wife, Alexa PenaVega, on October 11, 2016.[1][2] Carlos included the hashtag "#oldbtrsongthatdidnotmakethecut" in the caption, specifying that the snippet came from an unreleased Big Time Rush song, which was most likely cut from the band's third album, 24/Seven. He also included the tag #james&carlos, who are the only two members heard during the snippet, and who may also have been the only two members who recorded the full demo track for "Right Now".


It could be right now, right now, right now
It could be right now, right now, right now

Imprint to a memory
Like a snapshot of a movie scene
Think you could come to me
We're in a time machine
But tonight is our everything
Our everything is all we know
Forget the life I knew before
Forget the world, it's only us, it's only us–


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