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James asking Rachel to the dance.

Rachel and James are often seen together. Rachel is referred to by James as "Sunblock girl" and she is often seen in the background she was the second new girl at the Palm Woods (after Jo) and seems to be fond of James. Their pairing name is now called Rames. (J/ames + R/achel)

Rames moments[]

Big Time Terror[]

  • James is sitting reading a book when Rachel comes by with sunscreen. James drops his book and Rachel moves her hair, so he can rub it on her. He is all-smiles until he figures he is rubbing Gustavo's head because Gustavo may have bumped her out of her chair.
  • After Gustavo pushes James's face into the Oatmeal he was eating, Kendall goes out in the hallway to talk to James. James has had enough and mentions Rachel, but calls her "Sunblock girl" once again. He says "HE SCARES SUN BLOCK GIRL AWAY!"
  • At the very end of the episode, James is rubbing sunscreen on Rachel while sitting in lounge chairs.
  • Rachel grabs James's hand over her shoulder for a split second while putting on sunscreen, they get up screaming after they see the table moving by itself at the end.

Big Time Dance[]

  • James wants to show Logan how easy it is to ask out a girl, so he proceeds to show him by asking out Rachel (who is right beside him talking to a friend) and she said yes.
  • At the very end, James figures he never asked out a girl to the dance because he was too busy helping Logan. Rachel pops up and says "No you asked me" in a very seductive way and has a very flirty smile, but once she finds out he asked out a ton of other girls she chases him out of the dance.
  • At the start of this episode, you can see Rachel sitting right behind James in the school desks.

Big Time Love Song[]

  • Rachel shows up asking the boys a question and the boys fall for her right away even James in which the camera aims at him for a second and he is staring at her smiling then the boys proceed to fight over her but James seems to be the first one to dart after her.


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