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"Paralyzed" is a song by Big Time Rush. It was written by Pierre Bouvier and Charles "Chuck" Comeau of the Canadian rock band Simple Plan, in collaboration with American record producer Matt Squire. Originally recorded for the group's debut album, BTR, the song was not used until 2011, when it was featured in the Big Time Rush episode "Big Time Rocker" from the show's second season. The song received a limited official release when it was offered as a free digital download exclusively for fans who pre-ordered the group's second album, Elevate, through their official website, It was later included in the 2016 Ultimate Fan Edition, a compilation box set released only in Italy.

Following their reunion in 2021, BTR began discussing the possibility of re-recording a new version of the song.[1] They debuted a live performance of the song in 2022, playing it on all forty-two stops of the Forever Tour. On August 13, 2022, the band encouraged fans to promote the song on their social media platforms, and announced that they were currently in the studio recording vocals for a new version of the song.[2]

The new version, co-produced by Will Ventres, was released on November 25, 2022.

Composition and recording[]

"Paralyzed" was written by Pierre Bouvier and Charles "Chuck" Comeau, two Canadian musicians and members of the rock band Simple Plan, along with Matt Squire, an American record producer and songwriter known for collaborating with artists such as All Time Low and Demi Lovato. The song was one of several that Simple Plan wrote and recorded with Squire during the creative process for their fourth studio album, Get Your Heart On!.[3][4] After the song was scrapped, it was pitched to Big Time Rush, who recorded the song with Squire in 2010.[5]

When compared to other songs within Big Time Rush's discography, "Paralyzed" leans into a pop-rock-inspired sound, with fast guitar riffs making up the verses, which build into a powerful, electric-guitar driven chorus. The vocals and instrumental also incorporate electronic elements, using a stutter effect to supplement the lyrical motifs of freezing and being paralyzed with fear or nervousness. Logan Henderson sings both verses while James Maslow leads the pre-chorus and bridge, each building into a chorus fronted by Kendall Schmidt. Carlos PenaVega's provides the 'p-p-p-paralyzed' background vocals that recur throughout the song.



Paralyzed p-p-p-paralyzed!!!! @stephenglickman @bigtimerush

A behind-the-scenes video of the episode shoot from actor Stephen Kramer Glickman.

"Paralyzed" was intended to appear on Big Time Rush's debut album, BTR. In a September 2010 interview, Kendall Schmidt confirmed that the song was one of twelve that would appear on the album, citing it as a personal favorite.[6] However, the song was cut from the record, and did not appear on any version of the album when it was released in October. The band did not mention the song again until a March 22, 2011 Ustream, where they announced they were filming a music video based on the song, for an upcoming second season episode of Big Time Rush.


BTR performing in "Big Time Rocker".

The song is featured in the twenty-first episode of Big Time Rush's second season, "Big Time Rocker", which aired for the first time on September 24, 2011. In the episode, Gustavo is struggling with writers block while trying to write a slow, piano ballad, titled "Pair of Eyes". Meanwhile, a teenage rockstar named Lucy Stone has just moved into the Palm Woods, and when Kendall introduces himself, Lucy mockingly calls Big Time Rush's music "cute", even after Kendall's flustered attempts to convince her that BTR's music "rocks". Throughout the episode, James and Carlos are repeatedly paralyzed by Lucy's efforts to "friendzone" them, and when Katie exasperatedly points this out, Kendall has the idea to rewrite Gustavo's new piece into a rock song called "Paralyzed". The next day, Gustavo, Kelly, BTR, and their backing band drive a truck into the streets of Los Angeles and block an intersection. The team sets up their equipment and BTR performs "Paralyzed" while the frustrated pedestrians gradually begin dancing and singing along, until the police department arrives to shut the spectacle down. The publicity stunt is picked up by local news stations, who declare that BTR "rocks", a sentiment that Lucy reluctantly agrees with. A digital file containing the song is seen in the subsequent episode "Big Time Superheroes", while flashback footage of BTR's performance from "Big Time Rocker" is used in the episode "Big Time Interview".

While "Paralyzed" is a track on the fictional band's second album, All Over Again, the song was not included on Big Time Rush's second album in real life, Elevate. However, on November 16, 2011, Big Time Rush's official website,, made the album available for pre-order, and offered a free digital download of "Paralyzed" exclusively for fans who pre-ordered the album through the band's website. The song remained available as an online bonus track once the album was released.[citation needed] "Paralyzed" was eventually re-released on the Ultimate Fan Edition, a compilation box set that was sold in Italy. The original version of the song is not currently available for purchase in the United States, nor available for streaming on services such as Spotify or Apple Music.

2022 re-release[]


Paralyzed (Official Music Video)

In August 2022, after updating their catalogue and making bonus tracks such as "Stuck" and "This Is Our Someday" more widely available for streaming, Big Time Rush asked fans if they would like to see "Paralyzed" added as well.[7] On August 13, they confirmed that they were re-recording a new studio version of the song.[2]

Music video[]

A music video was released on November 25, 2022.[8]

Live performances[]

Big Time Rush debuted their first live performance of "Paralyzed" on the 2022 Forever Tour, more than ten years after the song was released. It is the eighteenth song on the official tour setlist, and, similarly to "Time of Our Life", sees the band leave the stage and make their way into the audience.

They performed the song alongside "Boyfriend" in the 2022 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.[citation needed]

Credits and personnel[]

Credits adapted from the Ultimate Fan Edition box set.[9]

  • Written by: Pierre Bouvier, Charles "Chuck" Comeau, Matt Squire
  • Produced by: Matt Squire


You, you walked into the room on a Friday afternoon
That's when I saw you for the first time
And I was paralyzed
I had a million things to say
But none of them came out that day
'Cause I was never one of those guys
That always had the best lines
Time stopped ticking, my hands keep shaking
And you don't even know that

I try to speak but girl, you got me tongue-tied
I try to breathe but I'm f-f-f-frozen inside
I try to move but I'm stuck in my shoes
You got me paralyzed, paralyzed, p-p-p-paralyzed
I see you walking but all you do is pass me by
Can't even talk 'cause words don't come into my mind
I'd make a move if I had the guts to
But I'm paralyzed, paralyzed, p-p-p-paralyzed

Now, I learned a lot from my mistake
Never let a good thing slip away
I've had a lot of time to look back
And my only regret is
Not telling you what I was going through
You didn't even know that


As the years go by, I think about you all the time (woah)
If I get the chance, I hope I won't be paralyzed
Paralyzed by you
You walked into the room on a Friday afternoon


Paralyzed, paralyzed
You got me tongue-tied
Paralyzed, paralyzed
Now I'm frozen inside
Paralyzed, paralyzed
You got me paralyzed, paralyzed, p-p-p-paralyzed



  • While the 2011 digital download release featured the Elevate cover artwork, the album was listed as Paralyzed, indicating the song was technically a promotional single.


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