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Ozzy Clark
GreenTimeRush 049
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Address: Palm Woods
Family & Friends
Friends: Logan Mitchell
Other Information
Education: Palm Woods School
Weaknesses: Working with numbers
Series Information
First appearance: Green Time Rush
Last appearance: Green Time Rush
Portrayed By: Stefan Van Ray

Ozzy Clark is a guest character from Season 2. He only appears in the episode Green Time Rush.

Early Life[]

Ozzie is a student of Palm Woods School who lives in the building. His only appearance is in Green Time Rush, when he asks Logan to be his partner in the project Miss Collins asked them to make. Ozzie reveals he has learning problems and it's hard for him to work with numbers, even with a calculator.

He leaves Logan to do all the project alone, but he does not accept it, as Ozzie has an incredible ability making the model of Palm Woods' roof. However, he can't do the calculations and asks Logan to finish the project and to not write his name on it, but Logan asks for extra time to Miss Collins, so they can finish the project together.

In the end, Ozzie becomes friends with Logan, even though they do not win the time off school.


  • Ozzie uses to crack nutshells on his own forehead. He invites Logan to do the same, but when Logan tries to crack the nut, he faints, because his forehead is not as hard as Ozzie's one.