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No Idea is the fourth song from Big Time Rush's second studio album, Elevate. It was written by professional producers Terius "The Dream" Nash, Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, and Kuk Harrell, as well as American singer and All Time Low lead vocalist Alexander Gaskarth. All Time Low also released their own version of "No Idea" on their fourth album, Dirty Work, on June 6, 2011.


"No Idea" was announced as the fourth track on Elevate in October 2011. On September 15, 2011, the band met in studio with producer Kuk Harrell to finish recording and editing the track.[1][2]

Days before the official release of Elevate, the album was leaked online, and fans quickly noticed that "No Idea" contained striking similarities to All Time Low's track of the same name. This generated controversy online, with fans of each band claiming the song was "stolen" from All Time Low without permission.[3] Many popular blogs and fansites reported on the controversy.[4] When asked about the issue in an interview with the magazine PopCrush, All Time Low member and vocalist Alex Gaskarth clarified that Big Time Rush's management came to them and asked to make an adaptation of "No Idea", which he consented to. In a subsequent Tumblr blog, Gaskarth confirmed that All Time Low was "totally cool" with Big Time Rush's request, and that they also credited himself, as well as producers Tricky and Dream.[5] All three are credited as personnel behind "No Idea" in all physical and digital releases of the album.[6]

"No Idea" quickly became a favorite to both fans and Big Time Rush themselves. They have performed "No Idea" on every tour since its release, with the exception of the 2013 Summer Break Tour. In interviews, "No Idea" is often brought up as a personal favorite to perform.[7] According to James Maslow, it is also one of the hardest songs to perform, because of the long notes that have to be held without breathing.[7]

In Big Time Rush[]

No Idea

In the television show, "No Idea" is featured in the third season episode "Big Time Decision". After hearings news that his former girlfriend, Jo Taylor, will be returning home from New Zealand after her movie production was canceled, Kendall Knight becomes conflicted, as he is unsure of whether he should rekindle his relationship with Jo, or proceed with Lucy Stone. Unbeknownst to Kendall, each say they are going to leave the Palm Woods if Kendall does not choose them. Stressed out, Kendall decides to take a walk to clear his head and think carefully about his decision. As he does so, clips of the band performing "No Idea" intercuts with a montage of his walk.


Lyrics transcribed from Elevate liner notes.[6]

I'll love you, if you ain't got nobody to love
And girl, I'll adore you, when there's no one to adore
And I'll show you, that there's no one to show
Oh, and I'll know you, if you want somebody to know
Every time you come around
You put a lightning bolt on my face
Baby, every time you come around
Girl, you take my breath away
And I just want to breathe, until I take you in
'Cause I want you to breathe until you take me in
But the truth is

But she has no idea, no idea
That I'm even here, I'm even here
She has no idea, no idea
I'm standing here, I'm standing here
Standing here

I'll kiss you, whenever you want to be kissed
Ooh, I'll miss you two seconds after you leave
Screaming come back to me, come back to me
Let me please you, let me see you
Let me take that heart of yours
And I'll be whatever you need me to be
The good guy, bad guy
Just tell me, baby
Every time you come around
You put a lightning bolt on my face
Baby, every time you come around
Girl, you take my breath away
And I just want to breathe until I take you in
'Cause I want you to breathe until you take me in
But the truth is


Please tell me you can hear me
I'm expressing my love
Won't stop 'til I get you
I'm not letting up
I'm-a run into your heart
Like a kid in a store
Take every ounce of love, then beg you for more
Beg you for more


Credits and personnel[]

Credits transcribed from the liner notes of Elevate.[6]

  • Written by Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash, and Alexander Gaskarth
  • Produced by C. “Tricky” Stewart for RedZone Entertainment and Terius “The-Dream” Nash for R. Records since 1977
  • Vocals Produced by Kuk Harrell
  • Engineered by Josh Gudwin, Brian “B-LUV” Thomas, Andrew Wuepper, and Chris “TEK” O’Ryan
  • Mixed by Jaycen Joshua for Penua Project/Innersound Management
  • Mix Assistant: Jesus Gamica


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