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Faint Figure

A faint figure, symbolizing the return of someone in a shot of the show

New Town High is a show within a show in Big Time Rush starring Jo Taylor as Rachel and Jett Stetson as Drake. Megan co-stars with Jo as a character whose name is never stated. The show seems to be a mystery show. Not much is known about it only that Rachel and Drake seem to be somewhat of a complicated romance. Drake is in love with Rachel to the point where they kiss for a rather long period of time. However he has a girlfriend who is apparently a ghost.

Since Jo had to go to New Zealand it said that in a new episode that Rachel is going on a field trip and is supposedly never coming back. But in Big Time Surprise Jett's character Drake and his unnamed co-star character's name are in a romantic moment when the door suddenly opens revealing a mysterious fog. In the fog was a faint figure it looks more like a girl since the outline near the head looks like long hair. Drake must know or has a relation with the returning person since Drake said 'You! You're back...' But before they revealed who it was the credits come on leaving the viewers (Katie & Mrs. Knight) wondering who's back. Mrs. Knight and Katie try to get the surprise ending by stealing Jett's computer. However, when Jo returns from New Zealand, they finally learn that the ending was Jo's return.

The show was also used as a big hint on the return of Jo Taylor .


In Big Time Guru, Gustavo tried to write a song for the show's soundtrack. However, due to Buddha Bob calming him down, Gustavo became something of a hippie. This resulted in an interesting song that (later on) included whale noises. However, Kendall and Kelly hired a critic and his people to get Gustavo back to his angry self, giving him the fuel to write Nothing Even Matters. The producers loved it and it made the soundtrack.

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