Reginald Bitters
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 50s
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Address: The Palm Woods
Occupation(s): Manager
Series Information
First appearance: Big Time School of Rocqué
Last appearance: Big Time Dreams
Portrayed By: David Anthony Higgins

Reginald Bitters is a harsh, money-loving manager of Palm Woods. In high school he followed a girl who became an actress, spent all his college money for her, but she dumped him.  He hated the way the boys re-designed their room, but his mind was changed when Kelly gave him money for "making this happen." He was once Katie's talent manager when she tried to get into Palm Woods School in "Big Time School of Rocque", Mr. Bitters tried to take the crib before they renewed the lease. He seems like he's very greedy when he bets against Katie and doesn't seem to like anyone who beats him at anything, as seen in Big Time Blogger. He also seems to like microwave popcorn.

Usually, Mr. Bitters is seen against Katie, but in "Big Time Girlfriends" he and Katie were trying to narrate all of the love stories at the Palm Woods; this without arguing. In Big Time Christmas, Katie befriended him upon realizing he was lonely. This, however, didn't last beyond the episode.

In Big Time Moms it's revealed that his full name is Reginald Bitters. His mom wants him to be a doctor.

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