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Movin' Up to Bel Air is a rap song in Bel Air Rush. The song is a parody of the theme song of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

In the Show[]

In Bel Air Rush, the boys are tired of all the paparazzi following them at The Palm Woods, Gustavo decides to move the boys to Bel-Air, the setting of the classic sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The boys get excited and the song pops up in their imagination about the area and how they'll be living a new lifestyle.


Now this is a story
Listen if you dare
How Big Time Rush moved up to Bel Air
We were chilling by the pool
Minding our own
When we saw some paparazzi
Invadin' our home
You dogs need some protection
"G" said with a glare
And that's why BTR is headed out to Bel Air

Movin' up to Bel Air
Movin' up to Bel Air
Movin' up to Bel Air
Movin' up to Bel Air

We said good-bye to our friends
In the form of a rap
Camille kissed Logan then she gave him a slap
We drove through the gates to take the grand tour
With all this new protection
We'll be safe and secure
As we rode through Bel Air
Friendly faces there to greet us
They said they're our new neighbors
And they're happy to meet us

Moving up to Bel Air
Moving up to Bel Air
Now we're kickin' it in the town
Where the livin' is plush
Please excuse us while we give Bel Air
A big time–


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