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Miss Collins
Miss collins
General Information
Gender: Female
Other Information
Talent: Teaching
Series Information
First appearance: "Big Time School of Rocqué"
Last appearance: "Green Time Rush"
Portrayed By: Tara Strong

Miss Collins is the teacher at the Palm Woods school and a recurring minor character in Big Time Rush. She is portrayed by Tara Strong.


In the first season episode "Big Time School of Rocqué", Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos follow a herd of Palm Woods students to their classroom, where they catch the first part of Miss Collins' lesson. She announces that they will be learning about fractions using pies, and after they are done, they will be able to eat them. Instead of joining her class, the boys are forced to go to Gustavo's "School of Rocque", where they continually daydream about how fun the Palm Woods class must be. In one fantasy, the class uses water soakers in a lesson for "water displacement," and in another, Miss Collins is teaching from inside the pool. Her homework assignments involve playing video games and having fun. At the end of the episode, the boys are able to attend a real class for the first time, and they immediately start blasting each other with water soakers and eating pie, while a beach ball bounces off Miss Collins' head. After a moment, they come back to reality to a room of angry and confused looks, and they are subsequently given detention.

She also returns in the second season episodes "Green Time Rush" and "Welcome Back Big Time".