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Miles Bainbridge is a minor character who only appeared in "Big Time Live. He was the news anchor for the morning news show, "AM LA", having a good personality on camera.


Miles was preparing himself for the show after the boys arrived on the set of AM LA by his crew members. When the news aired, he introduces himself until he was looking at the prompter scrolling way up at high speed with his high-pitched voice that cause the ill-tempered Kennedy to find out that the boys were the ones that messed up the prompter and eccentricly unplugged the cord from the laptop Logan was using and Miles had stopped and smiles on camera. Later on, the show was back on air as he was with Ed Bagley Jr. to talk about some environmental stuff. The boys made a lot of mess until Carlos was riding the bicycle that runs on a toaster and Miles watched as the bike crashed into the Hollywood Minute segment. Afterwards, he saw that the toast inside the toaster were completely black-burned. Then, after the cooking segment was interrupted by Carlos, Kennedy was asking the crew member to cut the Financial Update segment as the camera faces Miles asking there were no cue cards until Kendall holds it and Miles had read that Logan was on the desk. After the Weather Update with James was finished, Kennedy angrily asked the crew member to go back to Miles when she noticed that he was eating some fish sticks with Carlos before calling a security officer to get more security to destroy BTR. Things did not go as planned as Miles had announced that every security was going on a low speed chase and Carlos was chased again by security until an interruption was shown on screen. Before the show ends, he asked if it was back on air and Kennedy was furious at the boys who showed up and Miles watched when she was about tase them before she was completely hit by the cart driven by Katie. He saw her unconscious and a crew member brought up a cue card saying that BTR will perform on stage. After the performance, Miles had said his final words before signing off that BTR rocks before Jennifer Knight shows up saying if she misses the show.


  • Despite that Miles was known for his good personality, the producer, Jane Kennedy, was known for her hot-headed personality.