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"Midnight Somewhere" is an unreleased song by Big Time Rush. It was written by Kendall Schmidt, with an unknown team of writers and producers, as a potential "summer single" for the band in 2012. However, the song was never released, with "Windows Down" being released in its place on June 25, 2012.

The existence of the song was first revealed in 2016, during an episode of Schmidt's Facebook livestream and podcast, Koffee with Kendall.[1] On April 28, 2022, Carlos PenaVega played a snippet from the song during an official livestream on Big Time Rush's TikTok account, while playing unreleased music from the band's older discography.[2]

Background and composition[]

Ahead of the 2012 summer season, Nickelodeon and Columbia Records desired a "hit single" for Big Time Rush to release. They approached the four members of the band individually, and asked them to write an "original" song by themselves, with a team of their choosing, intending to choose one of the songs to release.[3] This single would receive extension promotion and support.[1]

However, after being presented with the band member's songs, Columbia rejected each of them, and instead purchased a sample from Blur's famous "Song 2" for $75,000, which developed into the song "Windows Down".[1] Big Time Rush actor Stephen Kramer Glickman and screenwriter Jed Spingarn described the situation as "mean" and "cruel", as, according to Spingarn, it was apparent that "they really invested a lot of time" into the creation of their songs. Furthermore, the songwriting and production sessions came out of the band's own time, and they were not paid throughout the creative process.[3] Glickman recalled that these events had a negative impact on the production process on set for Big Time Rush, with tensions becoming "difficult", and members of the band, particularly Schmidt, more commonly "butting heads" with creator Scott Fellows.[3]

"Midnight Somewhere" has received praise from Schmidt's friends. Stephen Kramer Glickman encouraged the singer to release the song on his own in a 2016 episode of Schmidt's podcast, Koffee with Kendall.[1] Carlos PenaVega played part of the song in an official Big Time Rush TikTok livestream on April 28, 2022, introducing it as "one of my favorite songs that we ever did, that I hope we can release one day."[2] At the end of the stream, Schmidt, PenaVega, and Henderson asked the audience if they would appreciate an official release of older, unreleased tracks "from the archive", and agreed that "Midnight Somewhere" would "have to be on there" if they did.[4]


Wake up at 2PM
Oh, you're calling
Who even let you in?
But we're coming
In your ride back
This weekend
Somewhere in Japan (what?)
Ladies on the street, it's gettin' me
We're burning to be free in an LA taxi
We'll be coming back in the V.I.P.
No, we don't have to wait
No, no, no, we don't have to wait

'Cause it’s midnight somewhere
Won’t even notice that the sun's out, don't care
Won't that look crazy?
'Cause it's midnight somewhere
And we'll be singing like
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

It's midnight somewhere (hey!)
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
'Cause it's midnight somewhere (hey!)
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

We're never gonna stop
Bring the beat back in
'Cause we're coming


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