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Dijon Thames Shariff ( born July 17, 1991) better known by his stage name Mann is an American hip-hop artist and rapper from West Los Angeles California he signed to J.R. Rotem's Beluga Heights Records. Mann is noticeable for his short demeanor of 5 feet 4 inches.


Mann a hip hop baby grew up in the time that hip hop was born so he had no choice to be a part of the realist years of rap. Mann took an interest in rap at age 13 and by 16 yrs old Mann would be known as "Metro". Mann put together a CD titled 'The Victim' which is now out of print. Mann soon became a member of the rap group 'Knights at the Round Table' it was then that he would become known as his third persona 'Madcidsadour'. Knights at the Round Table soon became Pathic a nine member rap group. Two CD's where recorded with Pathic "Consequences" which has not been released and 'Opposition' which featured Esham and B-Legit, which dropped June 2001. It was then re-released by Long Range Distribution as 'Opposition v2.0' July 2004. Between the two editions the album sold more than 15 thousand copies. With the street buzz and hard foot work the name Pathic stayed hot in the streets. The Pathic Boyz also co-founded the crew 'Detroit Connection'. Mann was also featured on the compilation 'Guilty Til Proven Innocent' which sold thousands of copies released by 2Real Records.

Now this is the part of Mann’s life where the stereotypical Los Angeles narative comes in to play and he started fighting with kids at his school. He was defending his reputation when he got the nickname "Mighty Mouse” because he was fighting the toughest people and was actually beating them up. This attracted the wrong crowd and he began hanging out with kids that were being associated as Crips but Mann was never “put on”. "I knew my boundaries" says Mann "I knew how far I could let myself go. I ran the streets here and there, I fought with people, but I was NOT going to be in a gang, they was the homies though."

While Mann was still involved with the street life, he realized that it wasn't the life for him “My homie tried to get me to carry a gun and I knew I had to change my environment”. Mann then enrolled in Hamilton High School and started making friends with musical and creative aspirations. "I knew once I started making friends who loved to make music and making music myself that being in the streets ain't the right way to handle your business". He quickly drifted away from the streets and began to go hard with his music. Mann began to really take it serious and he formed a group by the name of La Boyz with his friends from AGC, Duck and Chettah. Duck quit, leaving it to be Dueces Wild with Mann and Chettah. At the end of 2006, when Mann was only 14, they both became solo artists on the newly formed “Official Ent.” Label created by Mann and his friends Hopp and E.Swagg. “Official Ent” is still together and consists of Mann, The Fly Guys, Chettah, Elan Isaiah, K.W.E.S.T.

Making songs primarily with their in house producers “Lambert” he and Official Ent. produced 3 mixtapes in 2007 titled “We Freakin Tyte Vol. 1”, “Official In The House Vol. 1” and “Official In The House Vol. 2”. With the buzz built from these mixtapes Mann was able to pursue his true passion, performing. He landed opening spots for notable west coast artists J. Rock, Pharoah Monch, Glasses Malone, DJ Quick and The Game. Even with these performances it was hard to get a big enough buzz for a label to come and find him, which he thought would take years, but he was wrong.

One night, while being a featured artist at a Fly Guy Show, he was approached by talent agent Jamie Adler “I was at this show when this kid comes out looking cooler than everyone and the girls went crazy, I thought I have to meet him”. Jamie told Mann to go home and write a hit and that he would take care of the rest. Mann went home and recorded three songs, the one he loved the most was named “Jerkin”. Jerkin is an LA movement, phrase and dance. The term “Jerkin” means "crackin" or "fun". When Jamie heard “Jerkin” he loved it immediately showed it to his partner Steve Lobel. Steve Lobel, part of Sean Kingston’s management team, showed it to Sean's producer JR Rotem. JR was so inspired by the song that he went in his studio, Beluga Heights, that night and remade the whole track.

“Jerkin” came out great but JR had another song that he had made with Sean Kingston called “Ghetto Girl” and he asked Mann to take the track. "I didn’t know what was going on" says Mann "all I knew was that these men got my music and were making moves, so I said im'ma just roll with it". With the song done Beluga Heights presented Mann to Epic and he was signed within 2 months to a singles deal. They released “Ghetto Girl” but due to radio politics and a lack of support from the label the song didn’t receive the success it deserved. “They released my song and “There’s Nothing” by Sean at the same time and it didn’t work out, but there is no love lost, things happen for a reason” says Mann. Eventually Mann left epic but continued working hard and making music. Then, in August of 2008, Mann met with David Massey president of the newly re-formed legendary Jazz label Mercury Records now a part of Island Def Jam Music Group. Mann recalls “I met Dave in his hotel and the cd player barely worked but I performed my songs anyway and he was blown away”. A few weeks later Mann, along w/ his Hype Man Mojo and DJ Cassanova, flew to New York and performed for David and the Def Jam staff. After that performance David knew he was on to something and asked Mann to stay over the weekend and perform one more time for Island Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid. On Monday, August 25th, Mann performed for L.A. Reid and that night was offered an album deal with Mercury/ Island Def Jam. He is the first rapper signed to Mercury Records since Kurtis Blow. Mann is now working on his debut album "Mann's World" which is set to drop early 2009. Of the album Mann states "this album is going to be a mixture between Chronic 2001 and Graduation, I want nothing less than perfection".


Studio albums[]

  • Mann's World (2011)
  • The Grey Area (2014)
  • South Of Pico (2018)
  • Live from the 3 (2018)
  • West LA Baby (2020)
  • CashApp$YumpyD (2021)
  • It's Over With (2024)


  • Fairfax & Pico (2017)

Independent albums[]