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Kendall, Carlos and Logan

Shipped Characters

Kendall Knight, Carlos Garcia and Logan Mitchell
Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson

Length of Friendship

Show - Since they were little
Real Life - 2009-present


Best Friends/Close as Brothers

Kenlogan (Ken/dall, Car/lo/s and Lo/gan) is the friendship/bromance trio between Kendall, Carlos and Logan. They're shown to be very good friends towards each other as they're often seen hanging out together.

Other trios include Kamelos, Kamegan and Jarlogan.

Kenlogan Moments in the Show[]

Season 1[]

  • Big Time Audition
    • The three of them acted annoyed when James was talking about his dream of being a pop star.
    • Although they think it's stupid they support James' idea of being a pop star.
    • When Carlos got hit by a car, Logan tells Kendall that Carlos did it for him.
    • Carlos and Logan are surprised that Kendall will only go to L.A. if Gustavo agrees to take all his friends there.
  • Big Time Demos
    • All three of them "dated" Mercedes in an attempt to get her to approve of their demo CD.
  • Big Time Love Song
    • All three were aiming to win Jo's love.
    • Kendall, alongside James and Logan, were pulled by Freight Train in order to rehearse their song.
    • Kendall, Carlos and Logan sang their song to Jo.
  • Big Time Fever
    • The three of them, along with Camille, stare in horror when James shows up to the pool covered in orange spray tan.
    • The three of them stare at James while singing Stuck.
    • The three of them later team up to try and wash off James.
    • Kendall stares in shock at Carlos and Logan when they catch "Hollywood Fever".
  • Big Time Dance
    • All three tell their dates that James will be okay after he gets chased by all the girls he asked.
  • Big Time Concert
    • After returning to Minnesota following the cancellation of their tour, the three of them were content on resuming their pre-fame lives.
    • After receiving an invite back to Los Angeles from Gustavo, they unsuccessfully tried to reconnect with James.
    • When James refused to rejoin the band, they (along with Gustavo and Kelly) hold auditions to find James' replacement before ultimately settling down as a trio.

Season 2[]

  • Big Time Moms
    • All three of their moms persuaded James's mom to let him stay in Los Angeles.
  • Big Time Wedding
    • They were the only people that didn't marry someone.
    • They were planning with James to stop the wedding.
  • Big Time Move
    • They were playing the game until it was over. Then attacking James with his comb hair.

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

  • Big Time Scandal
    • All three were embroiled in scandals that they try to get out of.
    • Logan and Carlos defend Kendall at Lucy's press conference.
  • Big Time Rides
    • Kendall and Jo accidentally collide with Carlos and Logan's childhood wagon in a parking lot.
    • Kendall apologizes to Carlos and Logan for colliding with them.
    • The three of them were curious as to who bought James' motorcycle at the end of the episode.
  • Big Time Dreams
    • They ask for Austin Mahone to allow James to present the next award alongside Lucy in order to fulfill James' dream of kissing Lucy.
    • All three watch James kiss Lucy when he was on stage.

Kenlogan Moments in Real Life[]

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