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Katie and Kendall

Kendie is the sibling pairing of Kendall Knight and Katie Knight. This pairing is not a romantic pairing due to the fact that they're siblings and there is a large age difference. They appear quite close. They tend to help each other in numerous situations. Another name for this pairing may be Katall.

Similar relationships are Jatie, Latie and Catie.

Kendie Moments[]

Season 1[]

Big Time Audition[]

  • Katie asks Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan to sing her the Giant Turd Song. They agree to. 
  • Katie reveals that Kendall sings to her when she can't sleep at night. 
  • Katie states that Kendall tends to sing often meaning she knows him quite well. 
  • Throughout Katie's attempt at convincing she continuously embarrasses Kendall. 
  • Katie pushes Kendall and the rest of the guys into the pool to calm them down.

Big Time School of Rocque[]

  • Kendall asks Katie to help them involving Gustavo. He states that they need someone who can think like Gustavo and get inside his head.
  • Katie helped the boys throughout the entire mission. 

Big Time Crib[]

Big Time Love Song[]

Big Time Break[]

Season 2[]

Big Time Girlfriends[]

  • Katie and Bitters watch all the "romance drama" from her brother with Jo to James & Logan's friendship with Camille.
  • Katie cheers up her brother.

Big Time Reality[]

  • Katie helped Kendall erase the photo of his butt and out of the reality show.

Big Time Break Up[]

  • Katie helps Kendall with situation on Jo leaving for New Zealand.
  • Katie tries to cheer Kendall up.

Season 3[]

Big Time Returns[]

  • Katie points out that Kendall, along with the rest of the guys, ate the wrong dibbed snacks.

Big Time Decision[]

  • Katie helps Kendall confront his emotions and decide between Jo and Lucy.

Season 4[]


  • In various BTR episodes it is shown that they wear tree hats a lot.
  • In the unaired pilot of BTR when Curt Hanson was supposed to be Kendall, Katie was 16 and her name was Kathryn.


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