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Kendall, James and Carlos

Shipped Characters

Kendall Knight, James Diamond and Carlos Garcia
Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow and Carlos Pena Jr.

Length of Friendship

Show - Since they were little
Real Life - 2009-present


Best Friends/Close as Brothers

Kamelos (K/endall, J/ame/s and Car/los) is the friendship/bromance trio of Kendall, James and Carlos. They're shown to be very good friends towards each other as they're often seen hanging out together.

Other trios include Kamegan, Kenlogan and Jarlogan.

Kamelos Moments in the Show[]

Season 1[]

  • Big Time Audition
    • They all look at Logan when turning the sprinkler valve.
    • Kendall tells Carlos to give James the helmet so that they can protect "the face".
    • Kendall tells Carlos to stop James from shaking his booty and Carlos pushes him off the table.
  • Big Time Fever
    • Logan was the only one who got a relaxing fever.

Season 2[]

  • Big Time Pranks
    • During the Boys vs. Girls prank wars, the three of them were planning on forming an alliance with Logan until they discovered that Logan accidentally pranked himself again.
  • Big Time Single
    • At one point in the studio, whilst singing It's Over, they all started crying until Logan managed to help Kendall recover his senses.

Season 3[]

  • Big Time Merchandise
    • It was revealed by Logan on two occasions that Kendall, James and Carlos used to bully him during third grade summer camp, to which the trio constantly apologize for.

Season 4[]

  • Big Time Pranks II
    • The trio, along with the rest of the Palm Woods kids, were disappointed at Logan for accidentally pranking himself.
    • All three hit Griffin with confetti.
  • Big Time Tour Bus
    • They draw out straws each time to determine who shares a bus with Logan since they find him to be an unpleasant tour bus partner due to his perfectionist personality.

Kamelos Moments in Real Life[]

0224mvv "Finish your rapping!"
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