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General Information
Shipped Characters Jett Stetson and Jo Taylor
Length of Relationship Friends, Co-Stars, Unrequited Crush (2010-present)
Rivals Jendall

Jott is the former romantic pairing between Jett and Jo. The relationship sparked a rivalry between Jett and Kendall and has been a common running gag throughout the show. Despite being co-stars, Jo doesn't accept Jett because of her feelings with Kendall.

Relationship dynamic[]

Jett appears first in Welcome Back Big Time when the boys come back from their first tour. Kendall sees Jo and Jett together and thinks they became a couple but soon finds out that Jett is Jo's acting partner in the series "New Town High" in that they play a couple. It is shown multiple times throughout the season that Jett is interested in Jo but she ignores him. In the episode Big Time Sneakers Jo and Jett were shown to be a celebrity couple. In the episode Big Time Scandal Jett tips Kendall to break up with Jo and date Lucy so that Jett can date Jo.

Rival Relationship[]



  • They are both friends with James, Carlos and Logan, Camille, Lucy, Katie, and the Jennifers.
  • Both are actors.
  • Both love sports.
  • Both love the winter.


  • Jett is a boy, Jo is a girl.
  • Jett has brown hair, while Jo has blonde hair.
  • Jett has a rivalry with Kendall, but Jo doesn't.
  • Jett and Kendall are rivals, but Jo and Lucy are friends.
  • Jett has blue eyes, Jo has hazel eyes.

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