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Jett Stetson
Jett lines up for iSlab
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 18 (Season 2)
19-20 (Season 3-4)
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Address: The Palm Woods
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: J. Sexyman (in Big Time Scandal)
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown
Friends: James Diamond
Carlos Garcia
Logan Mitchell
Katie Knight
Lucy Stone
Camille Roberts
Jo Taylor
Tyler Duncan
Kendall Knight (only sometimes)
Enemies: Kendall Knight (most of the time)
Other Information
Interests: Jo Taylor, acting, strawberry ice cream, double polos
Education: Palm Woods School
Talent: Acting
Series Information
First appearance: Welcome Back Big Time
Last appearance: Big Time Dreams
Portrayed By: David Cade

Jett Stetson (David Cade) is a major antagonist throughout Season 2, and minor recurring character by Season 3 and Season 4. His first appearance was in Welcome Back Big Time.


Season 2[]

Jett first appearance is in the Episode 1 of Season 2, Welcome Back Big Time. He is introduced as Jo's co-star on her new show, New Town High. When Kendall first sees Jett and Jo together, he becomes frightened and jealous. His fears are accurate as Jett is shown to have dated all of his co-stars, and now wishes to date Jo. Kendall's paranoia threatens his and Jo's relationship, and they nearly break up, but ultimately Jo stays with Kendall. Since this incident, Kendall and Jett seem to be at each other's throats. Since Kendall, Jett, and Jo all live at The Palm Woods, encounters were often inevitable. However, Jo always sides with Kendall.

Jett's most antagonistic role was in the episode Big Time Sneakers, in which he and Jo's publicist try to strong-arm Kendall and Jo from going public, insisting she and Jett fake-date. When Jo suggests they stage a fake break up as well, Jo's publicist threatens Jo's job on New Town High, as Jett is more popular than Jo on the show and so the fans will take his side. This takes a strong toll on Kendall and Jo's relationship, while Jett keeps on pressuring them to break up. Kendall and Jo instead come up with an elaborate scene at the petting zoo in order to save their relationship. This results in a llama at the zoo into gaining affection for Jett. Kendall and Jo were then on free to continue their relationship without Jett interfering.

In Big Time Pranks, Jett joins the boys' group in their Prank War against the girls. He managed to be one of the remaining, up until Bitters corners him in an attempt to find out what's going on. He forces Jett to sit on a whoopie cushion, tagging him out. Jett is later seen celebrating Katie and Kendall's tied win along with everyone else.

In Big Time Christmas, Jett briefly appears when he gifts Jo an iSlab filled with pictures of the two of them together on their set days. Logan, Carlos, and James take him away at the request of Kendall afterward.

In Green Time Rush, Jett and Kendall are partnered up for a school green idea project. They don't get along very well during the week, which causes Kendall's first project idea to fail. By the end of the week, Jett and Kendall still don't have a project. Fortunately, Kendall comes up with the idea of tying up Jett and putting him in a box, to stop him from his usual routines of turning on all appliances and taking hours-long showers, dubbing Jett an "energy-waster". This causes them to win the week off of school but in the end, they are forced to spend another week with each other.

Season 3[]

Jett on a double date

Big Time Double Date

Due to Jo's absence, Jett doesn't appear again until Big Time Double Date. In this episode, he asks out Camille for publicity, after she and Logan break up. The date becomes a double date with Logan and his new date, Lindsey. Their date doesn't go well when Camille tells Logan that dating Lindsey is basically "dating himself", because they both dress, act, and talk similarly, and share similar interests. Whilst in an argument between Camille and Logan, the two get back together. Jett is shown to quietly watch the boys' performance of Cover Girl, and later joins the group dinner at the end of the episode.

In Big Time Surprise, Jett and Kendall seem to be on better terms. When an episode of New Town High ends with a twist, Katie and Mrs. Knight steal his laptop to find out what the twist is. Meanwhile, Jett helps James, Kendall, and Camille get rid of Beau, Lucy's ex-boyfriend. Both Jett and James agreed to help because Beau was better looking than them, and they both argued that they were the best looking boys at the Palm Woods. They try to catch Beau kissing girls behind Lucy's back on camera to no avail. Later, Jett and James decide to dress up as girls to get Beau to flirt with them, but their cover is blown when James punches Beau. Regardless, Lucy does realize what kind of person Beau really is and breaks off their relationship. Later, Jett, James, and Camille happily see Lucy and Kendall off at the elevator.

In Big Time Camping, Jett appears alongside Bitters for the new iSlab release. They're seated in line right in front of Katie and Mrs. Knight, Jett having brought snacks to bribe Bitters to "save him a place" while he was gone. Later, when Bitters leaves for a moment, an employee to the iSlab store hands out tickets for the first 20 people currently in line to prevent cutting, granting Jett and Katie tickets but none for Bitters. When Bitters comes back, Jett tries to explain why he couldn't get one for him, but runs away.

In Big Time Rescue, Jett briefly appears when Logan and James hold an adoption for rescue dogs in the Palm Woods lobby. When Bitters tells the two that animals can only stay in the Palm Woods if they're celebrities, the two recruit Jett into acting as the star of the trailer for "Canine Action Squad", a "new movie" Logan and James just made up.

Season 4[]

In Big Time Scandal, Jett helped give suggestions to Kendall and Jo to prevent Kendall from getting 'Swifted' by Lucy. It wasn't helpful as he suggests Kendall get back with Lucy, so that she'll cancel the press conference, and Jett can date Jo instead. Despite this, Jett doesn't and hasn't been actively pursuing Jo at all since the end of Season 2. Later, he along with Kendall, Jo, Camille, and Buddha Bob disguised themselves to the press conference to prevent Lucy from talking about the guy in her song by asking her pointless questions.

Jett takes a marshmallow

Big Time Pranks II

In Big Time Pranks II, Jett joins the Prank War against the adults. When Griffin recruits a team of Black Ops to eliminate the kids' group, he steps up claiming that Black Ops do not attack unless provoked, something he supposedly learned in his new movie "Biff Crop: Teen Ops". They shoot a marshmallow that sticks to his forehead despite this, and he's tagged out of the game. Later, he celebrates with everyone else in Apartment 2J when Mrs. Knight decides not to cancel the Day of Pranks.

In Big Time Dreams, he is invited by Mrs. Knight to a party at Apartment 2J meant to cheer Katie up after they've lost their VIP tickets to the Teen's Choice Awards. He's revealed to be nominated along with James for the Best Hair Award, where he realizes that he forgot to go to the show, but doesn't win. He says people claim "it's an honor just to be nominated," but is frustrated anyway. When Big Time Rush performs on stage, he applauds them alongside the rest of the party. Later, he joins everyone in the after party at the Palm Woods pool.


Jo []

Ex-Fake Girlfriend


Welcome Back Big Time

Jo and Jett have a "complicated" relationship. In Welcome Back Big Time, they got along very well and could be considered friends, as they're co-stars in New Town High. After Jett asks out Jo at the end of the episode was when things begin to become awkward. They don't talk much due to Kendall's apparent hate for Jett. Jett refrains from arguing with Jo, but it is obvious he tends to annoy her as well. In Big Time Sneakers, they were forced to date to promote New Town High. The "dating" eventually ended when Jo and Kendall decided to go public. After Jo moved to New Zealand, and even after she came back and started dating Kendall again, Jett has since stopped actively pursuing Jo.


Kendall and Jett are enemies most of the time. Their clash started since Jett's first appearance Welcome Back Big Time, when he's introduced as Jo's character's love interest in the show New Town High. Jett attempts to date Jo which made Kendall jealous, and Kendall's hate for Jett grew stronger in Big Time Sneakers, when Jo and Jett were asked to fake date. Kendall managed to thwart the plan, and he and Jo went public about their relationship. In Big Time Pranks, Jett later teams up with Kendall and the other boys even though Jett admits he still hates Kendall. In Green Time Rush, he is unfortunately partnered up with Kendall, and they're forced to do their Social Studies' Green Day Project together. In their attempts to finish the project to avoid spending time together, they end up winning the project contest, and are forced to spend another week together at a trip to the Capital. After this, Jett's next appearance was in Big Time Surprise, where he helps Kendall get rid of Beau. They're in much friendlier terms from this point onward, and even team up more times in Big Time Scandal and Big Time Pranks II.


Jett and James dress up

Big Time Surprise

Ever since Jo left, Jett's main disagreements have since turned to James. They're both competitive with their looks, as Jett and James both each consider themselves "the hottest guys at The Palm Woods" (or, when crossdressing, as the "prettiest girls in The Palm Woods") which causes them to bump heads sometimes. James first thought of Jett as competition in Welcome Back Big Time. In Big Time Surprise, Jett and James team up to get rid of Beau with Kendall, as Beau was seemingly more attractive than both of them.


Jett and Logan don't seem to have a problem with each other, except for when Jett tried to make a move on Jo in Big Time Christmas. Jett even offers him advice about Ozzie, and some cheese from his cheese platter in Green Time Rush. The only other time Logan has disliked Jett is when he went on a date with Camille in Big Time Double Date. In the episode, Logan calls him an "arrogant blowhard", but are able to talk amicably about bread. Otherwise, they both are easy to team up, such as in Big Time Rescue.


Jett is on the most friendliest terms out of anyone with Camille, although Camille does consider him as a bit of an idiot. They go on a date together in Big Time Double Date, him for publicity and her to make Logan jealous. They make an easy team when they, along with Kendall and James, worked to get rid of Beau, Lucy's ex-boyfriend. Jett and Camille team up once again in Big Time Scandal, to help stop Kendall from being 'Swifted'.


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