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James, Carlos and Logan

Shipped Characters

James Diamond, Carlos Garcia and Logan Mitchell
James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson

Length of Friendship

Show - Since they were little
Real Life - 2009-present


Best Friends/Close as Brothers

Jarlogan (J/ames, C/arlo/s and Lo/gan) is the friendship/bromance trio of James, Carlos and Logan. They're shown to be very good friends towards each other as they're often seen hanging out together.

Other trios include Kamelos, Kamegan and Kenlogan.

Jarlogan Moments in the Show[]

Season 1[]

  • Big Time Audition
    • All three were shocked when they find out Gustavo chose Kendall.
    • When Kendall declines the offer of being a pop star by Gustavo his friends are upset with him.
    • When James told Kendall that he's not talking to him, Carlos and Logan told him that he just did.
    • They try to convince Kendall to call Gustavo so that he can pursue the given opportunity.
    • James and Logan pick Carlos up after Logan accidentally hit him while attempting a dance move.
  • Big Time Bad Boy
    • They were the only ones who auditioned for the "bad boy" role in the band.
    • They supported Kendall in a "bad boy showdown" against Wayne Wayne.
  • Big Time Fever
    • Carlos and Logan (with the help of Kendall) initially tried to cure James out of his Hollywood Fever, but end up joining him instead.
  • Big Time Concert
    • All three fall into the mosh pit during their concert training.

Season 2[]

  • Big Time Secret
    • James and Carlos join Logan in chasing down Camille and Kendall when Lucy reveals that Kendall broke a code.
    • When Kendall reveals his figure skating costume, the three of them scream in unison, with Carlos even fainting from it.
  • Big Time Break-Up
    • All three help Kendall go to the airport in order to kiss Jo.
  • Big Time Single
    • The trio try to cheer up Kendall after his break-up.
  • Big Time Move
    • Thanks to Kendall, James, Logan and Carlos are able to reconcile after the game they were playing caused them to fight.

Season 3[]

  • Big Time Surprise
    • The three of them act as Kendall's wingmen after discovering that he hasn't asked Lucy out on a date yet.

Season 4[]

  • Big Time Scandal
    • The trio also go to Lucy's press conference to defend Kendall from getting exposed.
  • Big Time Dreams
    • They were dreaming about to kiss with Lucy, a slime, and wanted a new girlfriend. But except for Kendall breaking the 4th wall.

Jarlogan Moments in Real Life[]

  • When the producers asked who would they rather pick for the role of Kendall, either Kendall Schmidt or Curt Hansen, all three chose Kendall.
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