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Jane Kennedy is a minor character who only appeared in "Big Time Live". She was a producer for the morning news show, "AM LA", known for having mission to get rid of the boys in order to save time and avoid being fired. She is played by Christa Flanigan.


The boys arrived in the set of AM LA where Kennedy introduces herself until one of her assistants came by saying that the boys will not perform on live TV. They have a mission to appear on the show and come up with the strategy to appear by messing up the prompter, interrupting the segments, etc. Kennedy had called security to chase down the boys but failed. By the time before the show ends, Miles Bainbridge had asked if it was back on air and Kennedy had realized the horror when she told one crew member about not having more segments. She was completely thrown up and gets extremely angry at the boys by bringing up the tasers aiming at them until she got hit by an oxygen powered cart driven by Katie.


  • Christa Flanigan, who played Kennedy, is one of the MadTV cast members to appear in this episode. The others are Phil LaMar and Bobby Lee.
  • It is likely that she was indeed fired by the president of KULA because she wasn't controlling herself to get rid of the boys, although her behavior is very unnecessary and upsetting.
    • It can assume that the president was watching the show in his office before informing and firing her.