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"Invisible" is the eighth track from Big Time Rush's second studio album, Elevate. It was written by Carlos PenaVega, Charley Greenberg, Cody Williams, and Daniel "Tekneek" Wayne, and produced by Jonathan "J.R." Rotem. Musically, "Invisible" is a pop power-ballad that incorporates piano and acoustic guitar alongside an R&B beat.


"Invisible" was one of the first songs written once the creative process for Elevate officially began in June 2011.[3] Big Time Rush member Carlos PenaVega helped compose the lyrics for the song. According to PenaVega, he wrote it in response to a tweet he read from a fan who felt "invisible" at one of the band's concerts, and he dedicated the track to all of Big Time Rush's fans.[citation needed]

Cody Williams, Charley Greenberg, and Tekneek, who jokingly referred to themselves and Carlos as the "Dream Team", helped compose the music, with production handled by award-winning producer J.R. Rotem.[2]

Alternate version[]

In early 2012, Hits&History, the production studio from which Williams, Greenberg, and Tekneek belonged to, posted the full track of "Invisible" on their official SoundCloud page, presumably as an example of their portfolio.[4] The audio file contained some differences from the version released on Elevate. In addition to the mixing and production being slightly more rough, some of the parts that each band member sings are different. Most notably, James Maslow sings the opening verse instead of Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson, and Maslow's voice is also more prominent in the chorus, whereas Schmidt's is the loudest in the official release. The track was later removed from Hits&History's profile.


Lyrics transcribed from Elevate liner notes.[2]

Do you ever wonder
When you listen to the thunder
And your world just feels so small
You put yourself on the line, and time after time
Keep feeling inside, like they don't know you're alive
Are you on their mind, or just invisible
But I won't let you fall
I see you, through them all
And I just want to let you know

Oh, when the lights go down in the city
You'll be right there, shining bright
You're a star, the sky's the limit
And I'll be right by your side
Oh, you know you're not invisible to me
Oh, You Know
(You're not gonna be invisible)

Do you ever think of
What you're standing at the brink of
Feel like givin' up, but you just can't walk away
Night after night, always trying to decide
Are you gonna speak out, or get lost in the crowd
Do you take a chance or stay invisible
But I won't let you fall
I see you, through them all
And I just want to let you know


Don't gotta look far, I'll be where you are
I wish you could see what I see
So don't ask why, just look inside
'Cause baby, that's all you need
And I don't
Understand why you won't
Take my hand and go
'Cause you're so beautiful
And every time that


Credits and personnel[]

Credits transcribed from the liner notes of Elevate.[2]

  • Written by Jonathan Rotem, Daniel Wayne, Cody Williams, Charley Greenberg, and Carlos Pena
  • Produced by J.R. Rotem for Beluga Heights
  • Vocal Production by Chris Rojas (RMI)
  • Recorded by Charles Moniz
  • Mixed by Miles Walker for 45th and 3rd Music, assisted by James Kang
  • Guitars: Kevin Hissink for Beluga Heights


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