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"Impossible" is an unreleased song by Big Time Rush. It was written by Daniel Bedingfield, Carlos PenaVega, Logan Henderson, and James Maslow, during writing sessions for the band's second studio album, Elevate. The band members had mentioned having worked with Bedingfield in the past, and in Big Time Rush's TikTok livestream on April 28, 2022, Kendall Schmidt revealed that the song was called "Impossible".


On July 27, 2011, James Maslow tweeted that he was writing in the studio late at night with Daniel Bedingfield.[2] Throughout the summer and early fall, the members of Big Time Rush were participating in writing sessions with professional songwriters, with the goal of creating potential tracks for band's upcoming second album, Elevate. The same day, Carlos PenaVega and Logan Henderson met with Bedingfield in the studio for a writing session.[3] According to Henderson, this writing session was one of the first they had ever done.[4] Before playing them the instrumental track, Bedingfield tasked PenaVega and Henderson with getting right into the studio and coming up with melodies and lyric ideas from scratch. Henderson said the experience was a "cool thing for [them] to learn".[4]

Kendall Schmidt recalled the song in an episode of his video podcast Koffee Time with Kendall on March 24, 2017, revealing that Maslow, PenaVega, and Henderson had written a song with Daniel Bedingfield for either their second or third album, though he could not remember its title.[5] Schmidt tried to find and play the song for his audience, but was unable to, and he instead played snippets from the unreleased songs "Featuring You" and "I Don't Want to Wait".

During Big Time Rush's TikTok livestream on April 28, 2022, Carlos PenaVega played several unreleased songs from the band's early discography. Logan Henderson mistook "Don't Stop" for the song he and PenaVega wrote with Bedingfield, and Schmidt corrected him, confirming the song's title to be "Impossible".[6]


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