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"I Know You Know" is a song by Big Time Rush. Written by Eman Kiriakou, E. Kidd Bogart, and Lindy Robbins, and produced by Kiriakou, the song appears as the tenth track on Big Time Rush's first album, BTR, as well as the second season episodes "Big Time Girl Group" and "Big Time Girlfriends" of Big Time Rush. Cymphonique, who also guest starred in the episode "Big Time Girl Group", is featured on the track.

Big Time Rush released an acoustic version of "I Know You Know" as a digital single on May 6, 2022.


In partnership with Sony Music, Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush enlisted professional songwriters and producers to create original music for Big Time Rush. Emanuel "Eman" Kiriakou, who has produced songs for artists such as David Archuleta, was among the music consultants who worked with the band. Kiriakou wrote and produced "I Know You Know" with songwriters Evan Kidd "E. Kidd" Bogart and Lindy Robbins, providing the primary programming and instruments, while Jens Koerkemeier and Pierre Eires assisted with engineering and programming.

Big Time Rush and Cymphonique recorded their vocals in separate sessions at Chalice Recording Studios' Studio E in Los Angeles, California between June–July 2010.[3]


BTR and Kat's Crew's music video for "I Know You Know".

"I Know You Know" is featured in the Big-Time Rush episode "Big Time Girl Group", which is the sixteenth episode in the show's second season. In the episode, Big Time Rush come into conflict with Kat's Crew, a new girl group that Gustavo has signed to Rocqué Records. BTR becomes jealous when Gustavo gives their new song "I Know You Know" to Kat's Crew to perform instead of them. At the end of the episode, the two groups make amends and decide to collaborate, and they film a music video for the song in which they play heroes on a spaceship, fighting against evil aliens and their leader, played by Gustavo. The song later re-appears in the episode "Big Time Girlfriends".

Big Time Rush performed "I Know You Know" live for the first time at their official comeback show in Chicago on December 15, 2021. It was performed during the acoustic leg of their setlist.

Credits and personnel[]

Credits transcribed from the liner notes of BTR.[3]

  • (Composed by) Eman Kiriakou, Evan Kidd Bogart, Lindy Robbins
  • © 2010 Roditis Music (ASCAP) / Here's Lookin At You Kidd (BMI)/Beluga Heights Music/Sony ATV Publishing, LLC (BMI), © Hey Kiddo Music (ASCAP) All rights administered worldwide by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing (ASCAP)
  • Produced by Emanuel Kiriakou for Roditis Music, Inc.
  • All Instruments and Programming by Emanuel Kiriakou, Additional Programming by Jens Koerkemeier and Pierre Eires
  • Engineer: Jens Koerkemeier
  • Recorded at Studio E at Chalice Recording, Los Angeles, CA
  • Cymphonique appears courtesy of Hollywood Dream Mgmt.

Acoustic version[]


Big Time Rush - I Know You Know (Official Acoustic Video)

BTR's acoustic performance of "I Know You Know".

In February 2022, the band uploaded a press video of themselves performing the acoustic song. The recording was later released to digital and streaming services on May 6, 2022.


Maybe this could be the line
That starts the whole story
Maybe you could be the one
The one who's meant for me
I know that I should wait
But what if you're my soulmate?
Slow down
Then you say
Slow down
But we can

We can
Party like the weekend
You got me thinking
We could be a thing yeah
I know you know I got
Your heart thumping
I know you know we know
We got something
We could
Be on to something so good
Tell me that you're mine
I know you know you got
My heart thumping
I know you know we know
We got something

You know this ain't me at all
I'm usually lost for words
You know I can't help but fall
I've never felt so sure
You got me in a hurry
But you don't gotta worry
'Cause I'll slow down
When you say slow down
But we can


Right (yeah)
We're two of a kind
So let's party like it's '99
I know you know I got
Your heart thumping
I know you know we know
We got something

Hey baby you drive me crazy
It ain't about what you done for me lately
It's all about you no lie it's the truth just wanna say
I gotta big time crush on you
I know you know we could be something
I know you know we got something


We're two of a kind
So let's party like it's '99
Yeah I know you know we know
We got something


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