Holiday Bundle is the debut EP of the pop/rock band, Big Time Rush, which was released on November 30, 2010. This EP consists of two Christmas songs that were taken from the Big Time Rush one-hour Christmas special, Big Time Christmas.

On Big Time Christmas, the boys sing a cover of Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You as a duet with Miranda Cosgrove. However, on the Holiday Bundle EP, they sing an extended solo version and "is You" is removed from the song title.

The EP was released as a CD and digital download.


Big Time Christmas version

  1. "All I Want for Christmas is You" (feat. Miranda Cosgrove)
  2. "Beautiful Christmas"
  3. Let's Stay in Our PJs(All Christmas Long) (cartoon)
  • 12 Days of Christmas was scrapped because Griffin said that Justin Bieber did a version like that called "50 Days of Christmas" with 5o Cent. So the song BTR sung couldn't make the cut.


  • On the show, BTR had a 3-song holiday EP. But in real life, the EP has 2 songs.
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