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Hawk Records is the record company owned by George Hawk and it is the rival record company of Rocque Records. Hawk Records is not as successful as Rocque Records. This may be partially due to the fact that Hawk often tries to be better than Gustavo and fails. Two examples of the company's attempts to be better than Rocque Records is when Big Time Rush's first concert was jeopardized by Hawk when he captured them and when he attempted to lure Jordin Sparks away from Rocque Records and over to Hawk Records.

Hawk Records often appears to be much fancier than Rocque Records however this may be just another way Hawk tries to be better than Rocque.

In Big Time Superheroes Big Time Rush snuck into Hawk Records in order to steal back their songs that were stolen by Hawk.

Bands produced[]

  • Zwagger
  • Lil' Zwayne
  • Dr. Z
  • Laydee ZeeZee
  • Jamez (temporarily)
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