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Gustelly is the friendship pairing of Gustavo Rocqué and his assistant Kelly Wainwright (Gust/avo) and (K/elly). It is unknown if they have romantic feelings for each other and while they sometimes get on each other's nerves they do seem to be good friends and care for each other. Kelly always seems to know how Gustavo is feeling and they seem to be working together for a long time.

Relationship between Kelly and Gustavo[]

Season 1[]

Big Time Audition[]

  • Kelly manages to calm Gustavo down once they arrive in Minnesota by telling him where they are.
  • She tries so again when Gustavo is freaking out because they haven't found their 'block of wood' on time but fails.
  • Kelly late pays Mrs. Knight for the teacup, the mailbox and everything Gustavo broke showing she doesn't mind paying for the things he does and that she's used to him.
  • Kelly declares Gustavo able to produce after his blood pressure went down which showed her knowing a lot about his medical health.

Big Time Crib[]

  • Kelly gets annoyed by Gustavo calling the boys 'dogs' all the time.

Big Time Bad Boy[]

  • Gustavo points out that Kelly is a horrible liar which shows that he knows her well.
  • Kelly admits that she never lied to Gustavo before.
  • Kelly later tries to lie to Gustavo but fails miserably.

Big Time Photo Shoot[]

  • Kelly stands guard while Gustavo destroys Matthew McConaughey's mailbox.

Big Time Party[]

  • They plan the Big Time Rush party to promote BTR's first album together.
  • When it is clear that their party is terrible they perform as Russian acrobats to try and make things better.
  • When the real acrobats perform they both show their dislike by making the same hand movement and looking at each other knowingly.

Big Time Blogger[]

  • Kelly tries to stop Gustavo from posting a scuttlebutt comment in which he says 'he hates Brussel'.

Big Time Terror[]

  • Kelly tells Kendall and James that Gustavo never played games as a kid and his mom made him stay home playing piano all day, showing she knows a great deal about him.

Season 2[]

Big Time Girlfriends[]

  • Kelly threatened to break every one of Gustavo's music awards if Sasha, the actress Gustavo hired, broke Carlos' heart. When Gustavo said she wouldn't dare, she knocked a music award off a coffee table with a baseball bat.
  • Kelly tells Gustavo that his plan won't work.

Season 3[]

Backstage Rush[]

  • Gustavo didn't believe Kelly about the dangerous trembling.

Season 4[]

Big Time Scandal[]

  • Gustavo and Kelly both agree to find a way for BTR to avoid having scandals.

Other Media[]

  • Stephen Kramer Glickman hosted =3 a show created by Ray William Johnson on YouTube. On the show Stephen presented a joke in which Kelly tells Gustavo she is pregnant and that the baby is his making Gustavo scream in both announcements.