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Gustavo Hamler Rocque
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, presumably 40 yrs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: April 20, 1976
Height: Unknown
Address: Rocque Records
His mansion[1]
5 houses [2]
Occupation(s): Producer, songwriter, principal
Aliases: None
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Friends: Kendall Knight
Logan Mitchell
James Diamond
Carlos Garcia (all of them sometimes)
Kelly Wainwright
Freight Train
Enemies: Hawk
Kendall Knight
Logan Mitchell
James Diamond
Carlos Garcia
Jean-Luc Varn Darn Matthew McConaughey (all of them sometimes)
Other Information
Interests: Producing

Writing songs

Education: Unknown
Talent: Writing songs,Playing Piano
Series Information
First appearance: Big Time Audition
Last appearance: Big Time Dreams
Portrayed By: Stephen Kramer Glickman

Gustavo Rocque is a music producer and the founder of Rocque Records. He first found success in the 1990s, creating boy bands such as Boyquake and Boys In The Attic, but later fell off in the early 2000s, not charting a hit single in over nine years. Many years later, Gustavo held auditions and found Kendall Knight, who, along with his friends James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell, founded Big Time Rush whom Gustavo signed to Rocque Records.

Gustavo is a main character in Big Time Rush and is portrayed by Stephen Kramer Glickman.


Early life[]

In "Big Time Terror", Kelly reveals that he did not have many opportunities to play with other kids while growing up, as his mother made him practice piano all day. He also hated his school principal, which inspired him to one day become a fair and just principal of his own school, as revealed in "Big Time School of Rocque". His father owns a scooter business.

Record producing[]

Gustavo presumably founded his record company, Rocque Records, which is owned by the RCM CBT Globalnet Sanyoid corporation. In the 1990s, Gustavo was the producer behind many successful boy bands and girl groups, such as Boyquake, Boyz in the Attic, and Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls. The chart success of singles by those bands has earned him an entire wall of platinum and gold records, with hits such as "Girl to My Heart", "Girl, You Are My Girl", "Hot Girl", "Cold Girl", and his most successful, "Yard Squirrel Christmas", which ironically was written in only five minutes.

After several years of minimal success, Gustavo held auditions at Paramount Studios in Minnesota in hopes of finding a young performer that he could turn into a "superstar", bringing them out to his studio in Los Angeles to record demo tracks in hopes of impressing Globalnet Sanyoid. He took interest in Kendall Knight, who agreed to form a deal under the condition that his friends, James, Carlos, and Logan, would come as well and form a singing group. They named themselves Big Time Rush and wrote a song with the same name, which impressed the CEO Griffin enough for him to extend their recording process for an additional three months before releasing going on tour and releasing an album. They released a six-track demo CD, Big Time Rush, and subsequently their first album, B.T.R..

Gustavo lives in a mansion, which has a recording studio, an alligator, a sphynx cat, a fridge full of pudding, a media room, a 100ft plasma TV, a statue, a disco ball and a $40,000 couch.


Gustavo is abrasive and rude, especially to the boys of Big Time Rush, whom he refers to as his "dogs." Despite this, Gustavo does hold a lot of respect and care for them, and the boys, as well as the Knight family, consider Gustavo family.

He can't stand James for some reason often stating that he reminds him of Matthew McConaughey. He often refers to the boys as "dogs". In Big Time Crib, he treated the boys like an actual dog when they are going to suggest the location for the interview by saying "Heel...Stay...Speak" which made Kelly give him a face. He also has anger management issues and in "Big Time Terror" he is shown yelling in his sleep. Once he got so angry he caused an earthquake reaching the way to Miami FL. Although he is seen to mostly be angry he is kind-hearted to animals and seems to get along with them more than people.

Gustavo's blood pressure is always going up when he's annoyed especially with Kendall because he always talks back to him(Big Time Guru). He has a hard time admitting that the boys are his good luck charms that he is proud of them and that he likes them. It is noted that he likes the fact that the so-called "dogs" raise his blood pressure and not listen to him (Big Time Mansion).

Gustavo may seem angry or have a frown on his face but inside he deeply cares for the boys. Gustavo may call the boys "dogs" because they are loyal or because he said he can turn a dog into a pop star. Also because he wanted the boys back and said they taught him loyalty friendship and family. Also he does treat the boys like dogs when helping them to record songs. Gustavo usually has a hard time with the boys but he seems to get along more with Logan than any of the others. Probably because Logan has the type of 'not-gonna-do-the-bad-thing' attitude but it is true that he always follows his friends however he isn't the one that comes up with the crazy schemes and occasionally tries to stop the others from doing them. It is also shown the only family members he knows of Big Time Rush are Kendall's mom and sister Carlos' dad and some others. He and Kelly are very close and have a good friendship. She usually goes along with Gustavo's schemes and plans even though she doesn't really want to do them. (See Gustelly)

In Big Time Concert Kendall said that Gustavo is loud mean obnoxious self-absorbed and very unattractive. His behavior is the reason Kendall made up The Giant Turd Song. Gustavo once called the boys "monkeys" to which Logan replied "I thought we were dogs" and Gustavo corrected "You're monkey-dogs!". In Big Time Concert he said that he's not good at goodbyes.

As the story progressed Gustavo shows some affection to the boys. In Big Time Camping he is worried about the boys getting hurt or sick. And he admitted that he feels like being a parent to them. In Big Time Rescue it is revealed that he loves the boys (the hint of the secret vault's password is "Something You Love") and he uses "My Dogs" as his secret vault password.

Behind the scenes[]

Gustavo is portrayed by Stephen Kramer Glickman, who was a main cast member throughout all four seasons of Big Time Rush. Coincidentally, Glickman knew James Maslow through a family friendship while Maslow was growing up.[citation needed] Before Glickman was cast, the actor Brett Gelman was also considered for the role.[3]

To prepare for the role, Nickelodeon had Glickman "shadow" record producer Jay Landers, who also helped write and produce several songs for BTR, for one day at Sony Music. This was to help him learn "some of the ins and outs of the business." Glickman has said "the thing I saw the most was that the biggest record producers have the biggest egos," and this showed him that he needed to play Gustavo as a character "larger than life" and who "looks at everyone else as an obstacle in the process of creating great music."[4]


  • In "Big Time Songwriters", he called himself "The Lone Wolf" and it is shown that he has a dartboard that points to the title of his new song.
  • He once yelled so loud it caused a 3.1 magnitude earthquake.
  • He hates Matthew McConaughey so much that he once destroyed McConaughey's mailbox and he initially ignores James because of how much James is like McConaughey.
  • In "Big Time Dreams" it is revealed that he hates Mac and Cheese.


  • "I can turn dogs into pop stars!"
  • Gustavo (to Logan): "Come back here! I know some bad words and I want to use them on you!"
  • DOGS!
  • "Look like you're enjoying it or I will destroy ALL OF YOU!"
  • "You're not thinking like an evil producer. But I am because I sort of am one."
  • "Get the DOGS over here, NOW!"



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