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Out of the Mansion

Gustavo's Mansion (also known as Casa Gustava) appeared in Big Time Mansion which was being watched by Big Time Rush. Gustavo's Mansion was also mentioned in Big Time Concert, Welcome Back Big Time, Big Time Terror, and Big Time Christmas.

Rules for keeping for the Mansion made by Gustavo[]

Gustavo: Rule #1: stay out of my Media Room!
Gustavo: Rule #2: don't open my Living Room fridge!
Gustavo: Rule #3: keep the butts off my $40K Federico Benini couch!
Gustavo: Rule #4: don't touch my Peruvian hairless cat, Monty!
Gustavo: Rule #5: if anything, anything is broken in my mansion (to boys) you are all FIRED! Are we clear?

Living Room[]

Rule number 2 is about the living room. The Living Room fridge is filled with all of Gustavo's chocolate pudding. The boys are very anxious to see what is inside the fridge but the fridge has a lock on it. Carlos reveals that his uncle was a locksmith then proceeds to tell them how to open the lock. But instead of finishing his thought he takes a sledgehammer and busts the lock open. The boys are happily surprised to see cases of chocolate pudding.

Monty the Cat[]

Monty is a Peruvian hairless cat. When the boys see him, they are surprised to see him hairless. Carlos accidentally tosses him outside when he picks him up, so they try to get a replacement. They try to shave the cat but have a little "trouble" doing that. At the end of the episode, they realize Monty was alive and okay.




  • BTR broke every rule Gustavo told them they needed to follow.
  • In Big Time Terror it is revealed that the mansion had been flooded.
  • Gustavo had to sell the mansion in order to buy back BTR.


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