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General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Elderly
Occupation(s): RCM/CBT/Globalnet Sanyoid founder and owner

Mr. Fujizaki is a recurring minor character in Big Time Rush. He is the elderly Japanese founder of the RCM/CBT/Globalnet Sanyoid corporation, a multinational conglomerate that manufactures and sells products such as blenders, plasma TVs, and missile defense systems, and also owns the music division behind artists such as Big Time Rush. He has trouble hearing and moving, but continues to lead the company, acting as boss to CEO Arthur Griffin.

He is portrayed by Koji Kataoka.


In the first season episode "Big Time Crib", Griffin interrupts another one of Gustavo's training sessions to order he and the "dogs" to shoot a promotional video, pitching the new Big Time Rush band while also endorsing many of the company's other new products. After a difficult production influenced by one of the boys' schemes, they present the video to Fujizaki over a video call, and he excitedly confirms that he "likes the boys!" According to Griffin, the ordinary delivery of this statement was the most he had ever seen Fujizaki move.

He appears again in the episode "Big Time Party", this time making an in-person appearance at Rocque Records. Gustavo hosts a party to celebrate Big Time Rush's success, inviting the ranks of RCM/CBT/Globalnet Sanyoid, including Fujizaki himself. However, all the guests find the party to be incredibly boring, and people begin to express fear about Fujazaki, who in his old age requires help from his assistants to move, literally dying of boredom. After an embarrassing attempt by Gustavo and Kelly to entertain the partygoers, Fujizaki complains to the cardboard cutouts of Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan, knocking it over and revealing to him that they are not even there. Everyone assimilates to BTR's own party at the Palm Woods, where Fujizaki has the time of his life.

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