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Freight Train
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General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Occupation(s): Security Guard
Other Information
Interests: Sandwiches
Ice cream
Animals doing silly things
Series Information
First appearance: Big Time Love Song
Last appearance: Big Time Christmas
Portrayed By: Stephen Keys

Freight Train (Stephen Keys) is Gustavo Rocque's massively built, super tough bodyguard. Freight Train loves carrying people, sneezing pandas, and ice cream. Stephen Keys plays him. He is a parody of Christopher "Big Black" Boykin. He had been hired by Gustavo Rocque from Rocque Records when his band, Big Time Rush, wasn't behaving. He has been in some episodes. He does not make an appearance in Season 3 or Season 4.



  • Every time Freight Train appeared a moving train is heard, hence his name.


Season One

  1. Big Time Love Song
  2. Big Time Mansion
  3. Big Time Jobs
  4. Big Time Sparks

Season Two

  1. Big Time Sneakers
  2. Big Time Christmas
  3. Big Time Girlfriends
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