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Emma Kate Lahana (born June 27 1984) is a New Zealand actress and singer known for her roles as Kira Ford on Power Rangers Dino Thunder and Charlotte Monroe on Hellcats. She starred in the Big Time Rush episode Big Time Movie.


Played Erin Kingston on New Zealand TV drama Shortland Street and also appeared on Street Legal. She also portrayed the role of Fiona in Disney's You Wish!. In summer 2003 Emma landed the role of Kira Ford the yellow Power Ranger on Power Rangers Dino Thunder. She plays a pretty music loving tomboyish character who becomes a courageous power ranger. Lahana appeared in an episode of the fourth season of Stargate Atlantis, "Outcast" and as the waitress abducted by a serial killer on the third season episode of Psych. Lahana acted in the 2007 release,where her parents were brutally murdered, and wants revenge. Alien Agent. Lahana plays Alyssa the girlfriend of Jason Moss in the true-crime thriller Dear Mr. Gacy. In 2010 Lahana played the role of Beth in Seven Deadly Sins which premiered on Lifetime in May. The 1st part premiered on 23 May while the 2nd part premieres on 24 May 2010. She is also in Drew Seeley's new music video How A Heart Breaks.

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