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Elevate is the second studio album by Big Time Rush. It was released on November 21, 2011 by Columbia Records in association with Nickelodeon. The band worked with accomplished songwriters and producers for the album. These include those that assisted with the material from their debut album such as Emanuel Kiriakou Lindy Robbins Nicholas RAS Furlong Damon Sharpe Eric Sanicola and Lucas Secon along with other notable songwriters and producers, such as JR Rotem Christopher Stewart, The-Dream Jay Sean and Ryan Tedder. The production process of the album took place between nine months to a year most of which was during their touring process.

The album acts as the soundtrack to the Nickelodeon television series, Big Time Rush which features songs that appeared in the series’ second season. Following the success of their first release the band was inspired to be more involved in the writing process for this album writing together or separately a total of eight songs. Elevate is mainly a pop and dance album, which incorporates elements of several musical genres such as electropop urban pop, synthpop, and rock. The first single from Elevate, "Music Sounds Better with U", was released on November 1, 2011. The single has not charted on Billboard yet but is currently charting on #26 of America's Music Charts.So far, only If I Ruled The World and Music Sounds Better with U has been released.


Recording for the band's second album began in June 2011.[1]


Big Time Rush - Elevate Photoshoot

The photoshoot was held on August 9, 2011, and was shot by Michael Muller in Brooklyn, New York.[2][3]


Commercial success[]

The album was, at one point, scheduled to release on November 15, 2011. A flyer included in the physical "Worldwide" single advertised a "brand new album" coming November 15.[4] On October 18, 2011, Big Time Rush hosted a live Ustream where they announced the name of the album as well as its release date, November 21, 2011.

Elevate debuted at number twelve on the US Billboard 200, selling over 70,000 copies (according to Billboard) in its first-week. It's the band's highest first-week album sales, since their debut album BTR sold 67,000 copies on its first week. As of March 1, 2012 Elevate has sold over 208,000 copies in the U.S. so far according to Nielsen Sound scan. As of September 4, 2013 Elevate has gone Double Platinum.


The album's lead single, "Music Sounds Better with U", was released on November 1, 2011. A promotional television special, Big Time Rush: Music Sounds Better with U, aired on Nickelodeon on November 12, giving fans an inside look into the touring process as well as the writing and recording process for the album.

A mosaic puzzle was available on Big Time Rush's official website.[citation needed] Two press signing events were held for the release of Elevate; one in Orlando, Florida and another at the Galleria in Dallas, Texas, on November 18 and 21, respectively.

While visiting the United Kingdom in 2012, the band revealed 4 alternate covers for the album exclusive to the country, each one featuring individual pictures of each of the members and an autograph. These Special Editions were released at the same time the regular UK edition did (February 6) and share the same track list. These special covers are presented in slipcase package.

Track listing[]

1."Music Sounds Better with U"Ryan Tedder, Noel Zancanella, Brent Kutzle, Mike Caren, Eric Bellinger, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, Carlos PenaVega, Thomas Bangalter, Benjamin Cohen, Dominic King, Frank Musker, Alain QuêmeTedder3:10
2."Show Me"Wayne Hector, Lucas Secon, Donald McLeanSecon2:50
3."All Over Again"Brian Kennedy Seals, Damon Sharpe, Drew Ryan ScottKennedy3:37
4."No Idea"Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash, Alexander GaskarthC. “Tricky” Stewart and Terius “The-Dream” Nash4:59
5."Cover Girl"Schmidt, Lindy Robbins, Toby GadGad2:59
6."Love Me Love Me"Mich Hansen, Kasper Larson, Ole Brodersen, Christopher Rojas, Damon Sharpe, Schmidt, Maslow, Pena, HendersonCutfather, Rojas, Sharpe, KayNdustry3:01
7."If I Ruled the World"Emanuel Kiriakou, Evan Bogart, Robbins, Kiedran JonesKiriakou3:00
8."Invisible"Jonathan Rotem, Daniel Wayne, Cody Williams, Charley Greenberg, PenaJonathan "J.R." Rotem3:20
9."Time of Our Life"Nicholas "RAS" Furlong, Henderson, Jordan Suecof, Antario HolmesInfinity3:27
10."Superstar"Jay Sean, Jared Cotter, Robert Larow, Jeremy Skaller, Khaled Rohaim, Schmidt, Maslow, Pena, HendersonOrange Factory Music (OFM) – J Remy, Bobby Bass and Khaled3:23
11."You're Not Alone"Schmidt, Rojas, Carlos Battey, Steven BatteyRojas3:53
12."Elevate"Sharpe, Johnny Powers Severin, Maslow, Eric SanicolaSanicola, Sharpe, Severin3:06

Bonus tracks[]


Album covers[]




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